Tinker Tinker little nails, how i love to hammer you…

1380861582073                                          1380861582268

This was a quick activity to set up for my active number two at home to get him expend his endless energy. I have seen how many parents overseas are DIY experts and they give really solid projects for their little ones to do. In SIngapore, DIY is not as common. We have services for everything. Efficiency is high on our list. In that process, we also lack the practical experience to Do It ourselves for even simple carpentry stuffs. Well, there’s always a weakness to a strength, i just have to come up with very doable DIY stuffs for our family. It occurred to me that those egg cartons stacked together would make a great base for hammering screws into them. They would be firm enough and high enough for the screws to go through without the hardness of a piece of wood. They would also require a good amount of hammering effort with the grooves of the screw (as opposed to the smooth nail). That tinkering activity kept him busy for a while.

1380861581900                             1380861581679


I had an unused drawing paper roll up case and was thrilled to use it for the rainstick idea taken from http://theimaginationtree.com/2011/02/diy-rain-stick.html . Not as fanciful, but the boys love the tinkering process. It was also delightful to hear the sound of the rushing corn translating into the rushing rain. Take a look at the above link for the DIY tutorial.

2013-04-03 17.13.38                                  2013-04-03 16.31.05

2013-04-03 17.55.32

We then wrapped it up with a plain gift wrapper and decorated with stickers before wrapping it up with a transparent cover.

Have a tinker bell time!


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