Foam Party anyone? Y2012

2012-10-02 17.19.27

One thing that i love about such sensory play is the good use of unwanted or random stuffs that go unnoticed in normal days. There were some extra soap bars from our trips and we took them for this wonderfully Scent-sa-tional soap Play experiment. I was all excited when i saw this done at

I took out my unwanted grater which was not useful for grating my vegetables (glad i didn’t discard it). Searched for my soap bars and got my kids down to work.

2012-10-02 16.55.28                   2012-10-02 17.07.07

2012-10-02 17.09.59They tore the toilet roll into bits and pieces in much delight.

2012-10-02 17.11.01 Added water and started stirring the ingredients vigorously

2012-10-02 17.17.14

Finally they stirred up a party with their rubber toy people and plastic cars and some random waterproof items and sprinkled the tub with colourful glitter. That really brought cheer to the foam party!

2012-10-02 17.23.52

2012-10-02 17.32.17               2012-10-02 17.56.00

Yakult ‘Tarik’ anyone? They discovered that the more they stirred up the water, the more foam it generated.

2012-10-02 17.57.05   May you have a Refreshing and  Bubbly time!


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