The Sun, the Stones, the Slope, the Speed and best of all, the SMILES.

IMG_20131022_160059_858 IMG_20131022_161124_607

The above was the last activity and had lasted them a long time when one of them found out the wonders of how fun a slope can be for their cars!

IMG_20131022_154855_317 IMG_20131022_154523_409 IMG_20131022_154309_913 IMG_20131022_154239_393

They had started out with just animals and stones play. Then our two took their toy vehicles out for a ride in the park. I also took the opportunity to teach them on the textures of different surfaces that they were playing on. From rough to smooth surfaces and how the different textures would affect the speed of the toy cars.

IMG_20131022_155652_710    IMG_20131022_155349_640


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