Preparation for E’s 2 Year Old Birthday.

(Back in 2013, July) As E has been learning about colours recently, i decided to jump on the ‘Rainbow’ theme for her birthday celebration to familiarise her with the colours of the rainbow. I also read to her a simple book on rainbow. I was inspired by She simply sorted out with her kids the colours of each rainbow and pasted all those papers, items that they could find in their storage to form the colours. I thought it was a marvelous idea to recycle my materials in such a simple and beautiful manner. The banner below the rainbow was made from E’s One year Old Birthday celebration and reused here. The kids just added stickers to form the number 2 while i used a washi tape to outline her name.

We started by painting over the recycled cardboard in the order of the rainbow colours. I also taught them briefly on how a rainbow was formed by putting a glass jug of water under the sun with a white paper placed under it to reflect the ‘rainbow’. They then learnt the order of the colours and we started painting them. They had initially started with paintbrushes. It took only a split second (i had gone to the kitchen for a while) for me to return to the scenes below. They helped themselves to the paints and camouflaged themselves pretty effectively.I was stunned for a moment but decided to let them be and see what will happen. To my amusement and slight horror (yes, mixed feelings), they decided little E would be their camouflage experiment! How we all burst out laughing at their paint job! I finally stepped in when they were getting out of hand with E’s dyed hair and face. She definitely makes the cut for Army recruitment! I also learnt how to expect the unexpected from my kids’ art process, reminding myself to value their initiatives in art exploration. Nontheless, having said this, i still do keep to certain guidelines which will not compromise their safety. Moreover, i can’t afford to have too much paint wastage on such play too often. (*wink) Lastly, we left the painting to dry overnight before scavenging for the different materials that we could use for pasting on the rainbow painting. The kids had to identify and sort the correct colour items to stick, and also learnt the names of the colours.

2013-07-10 17.05.55                        2013-07-10 17.11.22

2013-07-10 17.11.36                         2013-07-10 17.14.41

2013-07-11 20.48.41     Final Product

Below are some other ways of creating the rainbow theme. The colourful stars below were made from unwanted melted crayons learnt from Hands on as we grow. I used whatever silicone mold we have and got the kids to break the crayons into smaller pieces and pop in whatever colours they desire as an art activity during the party. I simply put them into my small oven toaster for melting. I found that silicone molds are better than muffin trays as it can be easily taken out from the mould once it sets. For information on how to do it, just go to the above ‘Hands on as we grow’ link. The cake was bought from a store and i added some mini smarties (under the watchful eyes of my kids) to form the ‘rainbow’. It is best to just add them before serving that day as the colour runs when i put overnight. I had to redo it the next day. We completed the decoration by having the children to help arrange the vegetables on the day itself. Adding another touch of rainbow to brighten our table spread.

2013-07-13 22.30.45 2013-07-13 11.59.522013-07-13 09.32.11 

Through the whole process, it dawned on me that as we take the time to learn a concept through active participation    ( painting and pasting, melting the crayons, arranging the vegetables and smarties) precious memories and lessons will grow in not only their minds, but also in their love banks (hearts). I thank God for the wonderful works done and shared so freely by the blogs that i have mentioned. A note to self that i should do whatever i can within my capacity and not compare with other standards that people come up with. For instance, i chose to cater my food and order a cake from the store instead of tiring myself out and missing the fun and purpose of the birthday celebrations. Heeding my hubby’s advice – A happy mum is a happy home.

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