Cooking up a storm (coloured spaghetti Play)

2012-08-07 16.54.37  Y2012

For many of my activities, you would notice that i am an avid fan of Her website offers endless burst of creative energy! This is one of them. .

We started out experimenting and making a small batch of speghetti with a few drops of one colour (food colouring). After mixing the batch thoroughly, we did some art using them and placed them on paper to create something. (Unfortunately, i couldn’t find any photos of the kids’ works. Only happened to find my example of the playground work) Soon, they were free to explore and play with the items i gave them. They also had some cooking pretend play and served each other the ‘home cooked food’.

Happy noodling time! 

 2012-08-07 16.54.45            2012-08-07 17.17.08

2012-08-07 17.17.00            2012-08-07 17.14.07

2012-08-07 17.13.00           2012-08-07 17.03.34


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