Chalking up fun outside corridors Y2012

This is something that my kids enjoy doing when they are keen on using their big chalks as well as the prospect of playing with water by cleaning up their works. This is definitely one of those Art Processes which could not be kept except to be captured on photos.

Why Chalk on the ground?

1) The floor offers a large area of space acting as a great BIG canvas for their whole arms and legs to be exercised.

2) With such a space, one’s drawing can be as big as they desire as opposed to a limited paper area. Such activity helps develop their macro perspective on things and scale comes very much into play.

3) Chalking somehow gives them the freedom to explore and make mistakes as the chalk is easily rubbed off. I guess it is the fact that their drawings will soon be all erased after play that releases them from the fear of making ‘errors’. The act of such Process Art, where the final products cannot be kept also helps them to understand the concept of transient art. If they do a drawing particularly well, they will still have to erase it permanently and thus develop an attitude of letting go and moving on. It is an important attitude as a lot of times if one’s work is good, one tends to cling on to it and improvement might be restricted. The opposite is true, when we make mistakes, we also learn to let go and move on to improve on our errors.

4) The big chunky chalks that i got for them also allows the little ones to improve and strengthen their grip while drawing.

Above are some of the main benefits i see in chalk time. Below are examples from last year and this year’s chalk time. For  Singaporeans, we have limited space for such activity but i believe our piece of corridor would suffice for such an exercise. Since we made friends with our neighbours, they were more than happy to let the kids enter their territory. Simply because they will clean up their whole corridor as well! It is a win win situation. In the most recent clean up, the boys had a blast literally diving onto the floor when i poured the pail of soapy water! I was really surprised and even infected by their zest for fun in such an instance! They really knew how to have fun. The scrub also was transformed into a train play zooming from one end to the other. It was really an eye opener for me how imagination can take place with such a simple clean up activity.

Here’s to chalking up FUN!

2012-08-14 17.04.58 This was 2012 when my girl was One Year Old.

2012-06-20 17.17.11        2012-08-14 17.04.28

2012-06-20 17.10.15        2012-06-20 17.10.52

The boys compared how their drawings are larger than themselves.

2012-06-20 17.32.01  Clean up session= Good workout and Fun time for boys!


2013-08-29 16.49.08            2013-08-29 16.48.57

2013-08-29 17.00.59        Good Old School Hopscotch anyone?

2013-08-29 17.11.06            2013-08-29 17.11.48

2013-08-29 17.29.41               2013-08-29 17.29.28   

2013-08-29 17.27.08

Happy foot prints stomping around



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