Goop Fun (Plain Flour with Water) Y2012

2012-09-17 16.58.40                           2012-09-17 17.01.29

Having witnessed aplenty examples of sensory play through basic flour and water, i finally mustered up courage for this simple but in our Singaporeans’ standards, VERY ICKY and MESSY Goop play. This was something of an adventure for me i must admit. I went to get my supply of cheap flour and gingerly poured out the ingredients for their play. I made sure my mat was laid out and taped down well, and padded the center with lots of used cardboards and newspapers to absorb the concoction. We might not have a hose or garden that we can simply hose down everything to the earthy ground, but we could prepare like mentioned for less clean up of our corridor. (Note: I cleaned up the mess by mainly throwing the goop into the bin gathering it into the cardboards and newspaper to prevent the drainage system from choking in the long run.)

Anyway, the boys were oblivious to my concerns and they just happily helped themselves to the setup. This time i premixed the concoction until i was satisfied with the texture and then we slowly added the drops of food colouring with syringes and waited to see the beautiful effects.

2012-09-17 17.00.57

The effects were magical as they swirled the colours with their recycled toothbrushes and spoons.

2012-09-17 17.17.36

2012-09-17 17.07.29

They added more colouring from their yakult bottles and requested for more flour. The real fun began when they realised the flour thickens the mixture and they were thrilled with the mashy, mushy substance. Another observation made was that all the colours combined together resulted in the bluish grey colour which they found a bit strange. It was a great start and we will be doing more to come!

Have a smashing time!



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