Ice Ice babies Y2012

2012-09-24 16.47.00

After the sensory Goop experience with flour and water, i was hooked! The next inspiration came from Adventures at home with mum. I made ice animals from the silicone mould given by a good friend and added different food colouring. Salt can be bought cheaply in large amount so i was game for this experiment!

2012-09-24 16.46.40

They played with the ice and loved squirting the food colouring water onto the ice and salt to see how the salt absorbed the liquid and witness the spread of colours.

2012-09-24 17.07.20

Final stage was to use the melted substance and paint on the big mahjong paper i had for the fun of it. I like the effect which was similar to chinese paintbrush. In the process, we discussed how grainy the salt texture was and how the texture changed when the liquid touched it. The experience of playing with ice was filled with aplenty of weird grunts, screams, and roars of laughter. Have a ‘coldsy’ time (a term coined by my boys)!


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