Something fishy here…

IMG_0310            IMG_0309

Another First Hand Observation activity for the holidays. It was a good morning workout at the park and then i brought my kids to settle down for a fishy time.

IMG_0315                        IMG_0314

They settled nicely with the mini sketchbooks and a box of markers and crayons (so that the items don’t drop into the pool accidentally) and chose their subjects to draw. J had indicated he did not want to draw. I didn’t pursue, and just told him that he may watch his siblings draw in that case. He then quickly changed his mind and followed suit.

IMG_0312                        IMG_0317

A immediately spotted his choice of fish and started drawing.


I had my doubts when he coloured his fish blue and asked him to identify his fish. Lo and behold, it was really bluish! And it was the one and only fish that was bluish. Henceforth i decided not to be presumptuous! It was a humbling moment and i was glad i didn’t make a fuss out of the blue fish and took the time to ask him about it. The grid lines he made was the olive green floor grid background. I thought that was a good observation. Those black patches were the tile’s designs which J had alerted us to it in his own drawing.

IMG_0313                     IMG_0311

IMG_0319                             IMG_0323

The drawings on the left belongs to J. He had started out noticing the blue tank at the corner with tubes extending out into the pool. He chose to make the tank colourful instead of blue. Then he added his fish. The brown spots that he dotted were actually the textured effects of the floor tiles. I had mistaken them for the ‘water’ effects and was again glad that i had asked him for his version. With this understanding, i was able to appreciate his perception of what he had observed and was delighted that he had paid attention to the textured background.

A’s drawing on the right was also about the blue tank. What was unknown to me, was the fact that water was gushing out from underneath the tank at the angle that he was seated. I gasped when he told me about it in his drawing after i bent low to view it. I liked the drawing of his fish which was a nice pure golden one. In short, i was pretty intrigued by their keen observations.

         IMG_0321                                  IMG_0322

Finally, i was quite impressed by the doodles made by my littlest on the left. She had progressed from just colouring randomly to making more meaningful lines and organic shapes. She still doesn’t know how to speak very well, so who knows what had been going through her little mind? The drawing on the right was J’s second drawing in which he drew a tortoise. Both A and I quipped simultaneously : ” Is there a tortoise over here??” And all three of us burst out laughing at the obvious question. J just can’t help being imaginative!

My reflection: I need to take time to ask them questions and take the time to know my children individually. Before i make any presumption, i should ask and care about what goes on in their little but unique minds. God help me to learn more about these hearts that He has given me.

IMG_0318     Have a good time fishing for fresh perspectives!



  1. I love this! You are so right. It is so easy to assume and put your own perceptions across without realising it. Taking time to find out how they see the world is so special. Thanks for reminding me to take the time and thanks again for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party

    • Thanks Pixiedusk, Not only do I pack a sketchbook, i also pack oil pastels, colour pencils, markers and pencils for such outings so that they can be more versatile in their drawing and colouring observations. : ) Of course, i have 3 kiddos’ bags to help lighten the load. grin. Have fun and am sure the signs will be more accurate as he practices and observes them along the way.

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