A touch of art in Nature Y2012

2012-09-19 17.37.06

I am a city person. People travel to beautiful scenic places while my hubby and i travel to other cities like San Francisco for our honeymoon instead of New Zealand Farm stay. However, after i became a mother, my mother-teacher instinct led me to become more aware of Nature in my very neighbourhood. Little eco footprints taught me such simple but powerful lessons on nature and how i need to get my children back to nature to play, enjoy and appreciate God’s wonderful creation.

After being renewed in my perspective on nature through Tricia’s world, i began to look out for opportunities among my neighbourhood parks and whatever spots of grasslands that i could find along the walkway. To my surprise, together with my kids, we found more than what i had imagined. Lesson learnt: If we look hard enough, we would see more than what our minds actually imagine. 

  2012-09-19 17.36.17                 2012-09-19 17.36.50 

2012-09-19 17.30.08

J was very proud of his artwork and sweetly wanted this to be a gift for little baby sister. He had picked this unusually large leaf with holes in it and also had gathered those flowers which were already on the floor. We do not pluck the flowers from the branches for play as that would leave less beauty for others to see (Imagine a bald tree). I then asked if we could combine them together and spent a few minutes figuring out how to do that. He was very pleased with the pretty visual effect as much as i was by his thoughtfulness towards his little sister.

On another occasion, I suggested a search of nice brown dried leaves, natural branches and tree barks after our normal routine of outdoor play with the intention to add our own creativity onto them. 

2012-08-30 10.03.41 We used crayons on this lovely dried branch peel

2012-08-30 09.45.34                           2012-08-30 10.43.34

Black markers were used to make marks and draw on the leaves. I couldn’t resist joining in the fun and did the example on the right. As i did that, i brought their attention to the natural spots on the leaf by highlighting those spots and filling the background on one side for clearer design.

2012-08-30 10.23.11 I also did this at the spur of the moment.

2012-08-30 10.04.53              2012-08-30 10.04.41  2012-08-30 10.21.21 J’s marks. I love the colours he had chosen.

2012-08-30 11.58.09

A simple but cheery activity that helped all of us learn to look at nature closely and appreciate the shapes and colours when we actively draw on them. Through such processes, i realised that my fondness for nature has greatly increased throughout the years just playing with them. May you find and make your marks where you are placed.

2012-08-31 17.31.47                 2012-08-31 17.32.03

Just simply collecting sticks and leaves, throwing around and fiddling with them. They began to play more spontaneously with natural materials wherever they go as we take time outdoors walking around or playing at the playgrounds or parks.



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