Book Picnicking and finger licking time!

This idea came to me when i was thinking of an activity that would combine reading and outdoor. With that, I immediately gathered them to pack their storybooks while i packed their snacks and set out for this purposeful book picnic activity. You see, it may be common in other countries and perhaps for adults to just sit under a tree on a bench to read silently, but it never occurred to me to do likewise for our Singaporean kids until last year 2012. This idea still generated much excitement last week and i was just amused by their shouts of delight.

IMG_0466            IMG_0469

After a good work out at the playground, we settled down to a nice shady spot under a tree and i started reading to them. We also did an activity storybook on the birth of Jesus to start remembering our Saviour’s blessed Birthday. That kept them actively listening and asking questions. After another few books, we finally dug into the real coveted part, real picnicking of their favourite snacks.

I must say, reading outdoors provides a really different experience for readers. I had a book on the different colours of nature. That book just resonated as i encouraged them to look around their surroundings and imagine the colours of nature around us. It also provided an ‘ out of the box’ experience since we normally confine books indoors. Reading can be done anywhere, anytime. Hope such experiences will enhance their love for reading!

Our 2012 experience 

2012-09-01 09.50.58                          2012-09-01 09.53.18

2012-09-01 10.30.47                          2012-09-01 10.18.44

2012-09-01 10.38.56

They also had fun with the picnic basket and had a ‘fruitful’ time!

Come on! Grab a book and picnic!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea! My kids will love this. Thanks for sharing! And I’m so glad I found your blog through SMB. 🙂

  2. Reading and being outdoors — we love them both, too! 🙂
    It’s great that we can be so far apart (I’m in the United States) and love the same things!

    • Agree! I have an aunt who resides in California too. : ) It’s very interesting to see your part of the world via your blog. Thanks for sharing mine.

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