Homeschooling and Parenting Resources

Hi If you are new to my homeschool and Home education post, Pls read my first post here before proceeding below.

I have had quite a few requests to share my homeschooling resources from friends and this prompted me to include it in my blog. I hope this can help kickstart your homeschooling research as well. I have compiled a list of websites and parenting books for your reading pleasure (not pressure! ; P ). The below are just my personal researched resources and i do not gain anything from these recommendations.

Just a note – I have come to learn and accept the capacity God has apportioned to me and my unique family dynamics as a Yeow family. As we seek His will, i believe my role is to be a stay home mother and educate my children in His ways even after they enter Preschool. May the Lord bless and empower you in your home schooling or home education! Any other useful websites that can benefit others are more than welcome! Just add them to my comment section. If you need any reviews on the books, feel free to drop me a message.

Homeschool Resources (Her philosophies and practical approaches to home education) (This has free lapbooking resources as well)

(A local mum’s very down to earth and God focused approach with aplenty of Living books to recommend!) (another local mum’s homeschooling journey in the Lord) ( A strong biblical teaching foundation to homeschooling)

( A very thorough documentation of her rich lapbooking experiences with the children)

(A variety of discussions and ideas on homeschooling) ( I have personally attended a course on GKGW (Growing Kids God’s Way) and it has been a life transforming course in the way i parent my children. Do check it out and go into this Singpore weblink for purchasing of local resources or attending of the courses.)

Books related to homeschooling and parenting issues

  1. For The Children’s Sake ( Foundations of Education for Home and School ) by Susan Schauffer Macaulay
  2. Raising Godly Tomatoes  by L.Elizabeth Krueger
  3. Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell
  4. Managers of their Homes by Steven and Terri Maxwell
  5. Managers of their Schools by Steven and Terri Maxwell
  6. Home Learning Year by Year ( How to design a homeschool curriculum from Preschool through High School) by Rebecca Rupp
  7. HomeSchooling 101 (The essential handbook) by Mark and Christine Field
  8. School starts at home by Cheri Fuller
  9. Loving life as an at-home mom by Donna Otto
  10. What Every Child should know Along the Way ( Teaching practical life skills in every stage of life) by Gail Martin
  11. Wild Things (the art of nurturing boys) by Stephen James and David Thomas
  12. The New Dare To Discipline by Dr James Dobson
  13. Creative Family Times (Practical Activities For Building Character In your Preschooler) by Allen & Connie Hadidian and Will & Lindy Wilson.
  14. Terrific Toddlers 1  and Terrific Toddlers 2 by Mel Hayde
  15. Growing Kids God’s Way by  Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo


  1. Awesome list! I’m gonna keep a lookout for those books! You know what, it was the book “For the children’s sake” that got me very drawn into homeschooling. Charlotte Mason methods are still my favourite.

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