Make Bethlehem Real Shakers and Rolls of Angels!

    IMG_0573              IMG_0524

This is my first attempt in creating the nativity scene for the arrival of Christmas. In the past, it was more of creating little gifts or cards for people when the season approached. This year, i decided to spend some time and effort in preparing all of our hearts and thoughts in remembrance of our Dear Saviour’s Birth with a nativity sensory bin.

Bethlehem Shakers from recyclables

1) Yakult Bottles

2) Corks

3) Scrap cloth

4) Different types of beans ( for a variation of sound)

5) Black Markers for drawing the face and hair

6) White Glue for securing the cloth and head dress in place

7)Ribbons or tapes to dress the body (I used ribbons recycled from a wedding decoration)

8) Strings for tying the head dress ( I recycled paperbag handles that i snipped off after using the bag for something else)

9) Double- Sided Tape for the ribbon to wrap the yakult bottle

10) A manger (i used a pencil sharpener box) Just use anything similar that can put baby in.

IMG_0548        IMG_0549

First, i prepared the materials and labeled the beans for their information as well as learning which beans made duller or sharper rattling sound according to its sizes and density.


Next, my kids poured the beans into the bottles.


While they busied themselves doing the above, i helped them wrap the yakult bottle with the ribbon using double sided tape. When the bottle is 1/3 filled with beans, we covered the mouth with a cloth and stuck in the cork stopper. After which the boys drew the faces and hair of the different characters. I simply used the same cloth and folded it backwards to cover the top of the cork then proceeded to tie the headdress.


The few wise men ( it’s not 3. it’s a few according to the bible.)

IMG_0563  Some Shepherds

IMG_0561   Joseph and Mary. Our Lord Baby Jesus is a tinier stopper. 

IMG_0566     Ta-dah! Our Bethlehem nativity shakers’ scene!

They were a hit and after their creation, the kids just took them to play shaking them and testing their durability…

Rolls of Angels

IMG_0501            IMG_0503

I had friends come over for these angels. Due to lack of time for their arrival, i had to prepare in advance myself by coating them with white paint TWICE. The first coat must be dry before applying the second coat. This would need a bit of planning ahead of time.

IMG_0508                    IMG_0509

Cut the above and open it up for the wings to be attached. Next, i found some unwanted Styrofoam bowls and cut a slit on the two edges of the opened sides. The kids needed some help to slot in the wings, but did the drawings and pasting of the sequins and gem studs themselves. I gave them choices of different colours for the halo (pipe cleaners) and glitter dust, but limited the markers to gold, silver and black.

IMG_0522     IMG_0521Angels from 3 other angels.

IMG_0525     IMG_0526 IMG_0527

From Left: Amos’ , Emma’s and Jo’s Angels


They stayed there until we re-enacted the Bethlehem events.

(To be continued)


The Heart of Christmas is CHRIST the Centre.


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