Growing Kids God’s Way Course organised by Charis Methodist Church 2014 Jan

This is a course that i highly recommend! Below are the details from the church.

Growing Kids God’s Way 2014

In 2012, Charis Methodist Church successfully conducted a run of Growing Kids God’s Way (GKGW). GKGW is a values-based parent equipping course for parents of children aged 2.5 years to Pre-Teens 12years. Parents who attended the course found the curriculum comprehensive, practical and very useful.

We are excited to organize another run of GKGW from Jan 2014. Come and find out more during the Introductory Lunch session:
Date: 19 January 2014 1.00pm-3.30pm 
Venue: Charis Methodist Church Social Hall

As in GKGW 2012, you are welcome to bring friends. For registration, please contact Yvette Goh at Topics include:

– How to help children internalize virtues and values and practically live out the character of God in their life.
– What parents can do to foster secure children and how they can fix the problems that might now exist.
– How to say “I love you” to your children and spouse in such a way that each member actually feels the fullness of parental love.
– How fathers build their children’s sense of trust and confidence in parental leadership and how to build family loyalty and identity.
– How to train right behaviour into children so you will not have to spend unnecessary time correcting wrong behaviour.
– How to successfully handle sibling conflict, temper tantrums, and the three sister sins: lying, cheating and stealing. … and more.

The entire course of 18 sessions is split into 3 modules. Module 1 (6 weeks) will commence on 9 February 2014 on Sunday afternoons. At each session, participants will meet to watch a video, and facilitators will lead a discussion on the topics, with Q&A.

“During this course, each week I looked forward to a new perspective and way of approaching my children. I would return home renewed in hope and diligently practising what was learnt. I realised the key to parenting is our positive consistent and diligent practice of what was preached. Most importantly, I had a renewed confidence in my approach based on the Firm foundations of God’s words….and my own children noticed a change in me which in turn changed their attitudes towards me and each other. Now, two years down the road, I witnessed how God has transformed our family as we prayed and persevered in applying His principles in our lives.” – Angelia Ang, GKGW 2012 parent

“We have read and heard of many ‘how tos’ with regards to raising, disciplining & teaching our children but we really wanted to know HOW TO raise Godly kids, according to what the Bible says. GKGW shares methods based on biblical principles and helps us learn to be God-centered parents. The greatest take back for me after GKGW is to always look at myself, my behavior and reaction to my children and see if I have added value to teaching my children to be more loving to God and to others.” – Wendy Tham, GKGW 2012 parent

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