Simple and Fun DIY Gifts to make with your kids

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I had a shape hole puncher which made the paper butterflies. I simply stapled two butterflies together and glued onto the borders of a photo frame. In my case, i had wrapped the photo cardboard with my kid’s abstract painting before pasting  the photo in the centre. Then i got the kids to glue and stick the ‘3D’ butterflies where ever they liked (even on top of the photo itself as long as it didn’t cover the important faces. : p ) . This particular photo frame was without an acrylic cover which was unnecessary.


2013-07-06 11.44.55                 2013-07-06 11.45.25

FRONT                                                                                                            BACK

A giant homemade Cardboard Card for loved ones.

Materials needed:

1) Coloured Pasta (Just add a few drops of food colouring and a generous squirt of Hand Sanitiser/Acohol to the Pasta and leave them to dry)

2) Sequins and glitter

3) Washi Tapes (the coloured or printed tapes)

4) Paper and Cloth(optional)

5) Duck Tape to secure the paper and cloth onto the Cardboard.

6) Stickers

7) White Glue/PVC glue

I started by covering the cardboard with the red cloth sticking it with PVC glue on one side and pasted the blue paper behind in the same way. After drying, I taped the borders with black duck tape for added security. I simply taped a heart shape and let the kids have a go in splashing in the glue to capture the coloured pasta, sequins, and some glitter. After they are done with the masterpiece, i poured another layer of white glue over the Pastamania. This act will create a glossy effect and preserve the pasta longer.

Wishing you a Pastamaniac time! : )

Blessed New Year!

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