The heART of Giving (My artworks as gifts)


In the recent years, to cut down on expenses, i have to give up expenditure on gifts for others. This has forced me to start making gifts for others instead. To those who know me, i love teaching art, but dislike doing artworks myself. Yes, it sounds ironic. Seriously, i would rather spend my time reading a novel or watching a show, doing loads of lesson plans except drawing and painting on my own accord. That’s why i don’t consider myself as an artist, but very much at heart, an Art educator. It just happens that God has blessed me with you may say talent, or gift in drawing. Therefore, i am teaching this subject that i am good at.

I will only create artworks when i have someone in mind or when an occasion calls for. Why? Because drawing and painting takes a lot of heart and hard work from me. And i will only devote that time and energy to do it for the sake of my friends and loved ones as gifts. So with the tightening of budget, i am very grateful to have this avenue of still blessing others without bursting my budget. I have also learnt to appreciate the times when i spent time working on them as a form of relaxation (as it takes my mind off my kids). I admire artists who devote their lives working on artworks and selling part of themselves in their art. It is putting of not only your skills, your time but your ideals, values and ideas that flows from within one’s soul. Often people don’t see the heart and hard work that goes into an artwork. That’s a main reason why artworks are so expensive! I for one, can’t afford to buy even if i do admire the artwork. So i am definitely just grateful that i could use this skill of mine to bless. Instead of buying, i give my heARTworks.

These are my recent works. 2012-2013

IMG-20120605-WA0000     Berry Grapeful for your sweetness!  2012

IMG-20121020-WA0005   Peace 2012

2013-03-02 21.50.30 Love  2013

2012-08-11 21.07.29  Hearty meal 2012

This piece of work took me a whole year to do in the midst of caring for kids and teaching part time.

IMG_0698                                       IMG_0695

IMG_0699                            IMG_0693

IMG_0688  Final work! Spices 2013

2013-04-11 22.20.08     A mirror assemblage gift recycling unwanted jewellery parts.

2013-01-01 16.41.47   Christmas Ornaments 2012

2013-01-04 22.47.01

Let’s take time to give our hearts in this 2014! Be it through time, effort, money, handmade cards and whatever your creativity and being can take you! Have a hearty New Year!

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Have a blessed day!



  1. […] The centre red is supposed to be the mother doll while the red figure on the right is the baby in red. E managed to express one of the blue glass bead with the detailed lines.  I like the brown legs that she captured of the doll and the baby. Again, I am delighted that she actually took pains to observe the whole setting and gave her own interpretation of what she saw and felt like painting. Guess what? I was so drawn by this whole magical set up and atmosphere, I couldn’t resist painting it myself! (And this is really rare because I usually would rather read a book or maybe use the internet? as shared over here.) […]

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