Eggcellent Eggxample of Restitution

2014 Jan-Feb

‘Restitution is a biblical concept defined as repayment for lost, damaged, or stolen property. The principal of restitution was very much part of American Judeo/Christian ethics years ago. If you broke a friend’s cookie jar, you bought a new one. If your child uprooted the neighbour’s plant, you replaced it.’ Quoted from Growing Kids God’s way.

When my boys cracked my neighbour’s eggshells that she placed on her plants, i cracked my head real hard to think of appropriate consequences for their misdemeanor. Before, i would’ve just burst out in anger. This time, i didn’t have time for a shelling since they were on their way to school. That gave me plenty of time to brainstorm of a corrective measure. From the Growing Kids God’s Way course, the principle of using appropriate consequences to mete out the ‘offense’ deeply resonated in me. From then, i prayed for creative ways of training them in righteousness.

This time, the boys were made to replace the eggshells from scratch. A had some pocket money and it was used to buy a carton of eggs. The boys then learnt to crack the egg at one end delicately to empty the contents. They also learnt how to cook scrambled eggs from this activity. Lastly, my hubby had a great idea on not just replacing the eggshells, but returning it with value added beauty. I thought that was an excellent idea as it also makes the restitution more meaningful. To not only replace what one has damaged but to add more value to the returned item. That’s where the decoration of the eggshells began! We used paint (diluted with water) to spray the eggs. Though it provided lots of fun, it was not enough for the shell to be coated well. We ended up using the bottles to drip coat the eggshells. After air drying them, a coat of white PVC glue was given to sprinkle the glitter and paste the sequins. Our neighbour was very pleased with their efforts and now, they serve as an Eggcellent Reminder to have self control whenever they passed by those plants! : ) Education starts from the home.

1-2014 Jan-Feb3

In the process of spraying those paints, it was such a relief that i had used my mega cardboard (the one i had done a mega collage art work with during Jo’s birthday party) laid out to be recycled yet again for another round of art attack. They had spontaneously ‘painted’ the cardboard and i had a Mop Painting Mob.

1-2014 Jan-Feb1

1-2014 Jan-Feb2 So i thought, why not make use of the unwanted cars for added fun?

1-IMG_6643 We ended up with this mega painting with heaps of laughter!

I am going to keep this piece for something else in the near future… This shall be a backdrop….

The beauty of art lies in such serendipity (happy accident) moments. You never know what you are gonna get! And it is always exciting to make the most of such opportunities for more creative works of art!

May our works of art not only be good to behold, but also engraved meaningfully with a heart of gold.

Jesus be the perfecter of our Faith.



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