Tags! them, Labels! them, Collage them, just don’t throw them!

1-2014 Jan-Feb4 E liked this gluing activity loads! She quickly learnt how to glue on the ‘back’ side of the labels and verbalising it for every piece she glues..

I love the fashion tags and labels that come along in all shapes and sizes! I feel it is such a waste if they are binned! I use them as bookmarks, turn them into mini note cards and even use really beautiful ones as a backing for my hand-made earrings. I simply cover the back of the card with a coloured paper or ribbon. This time round, i decided to let the kids have a go at them. Since there are many cartoon tags from clothes, i felt it should be displayed as it is. Therefore collage is the natural way of decorating and celebrating the cool designs!

1-IMG_6660  1-IMG_6661

I let the kids choose whatever materials they want to work with.

1-IMG_6662 Stickers, scraps of paper, my fav- washi tape!

1-IMG_6504 I made a holder with a box and poked a disposable chopstick through it.

They learnt how to glue, make decisions on choice of materials, cut and paste on their own. I was surprised and reminded on how fast they grow up as they did this activity quietly and independently on their own for close to an hour. It seemed not long ago they were dependent on me to cut for them and guide them…..

1-IMG_6663  J chose a postcard to colour and taped his label before gluing into a collage.

1-1-IMG_6653  E was excited to paste all the labels she fancied and stuck stickers. She wasn’t keen on adding any colours. So i left it as that.

1-IMG_6664  A was happy to paste them orderly and neatly.

I was just musing over their works and enjoying that quiet activity time.

Let’s tag and label them with a loving Collage instead!

Happy Tagging time!

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