Indoor P.E Games to boost Language


Hop, box, run, leap, jump and balance.


Due to the recent haze in the mornings, I had to think of indoor activity that would help burn the energies of these young ones. That’s where this game came about. Usually they would be reviewing a few of their Bible verses after breakfast (simple reading out loud from the cards). So i combined the activity with some simple workouts.

It’s like a circuit training where they begin hopping from the front door to the sandbag area, hit the sandbag 10x then run in zigzag fashion and leap over two cushion obstacles, jump 10 times on the trampoline and do 5 push ups before doing the matching of words from the bible verse. For my girl, she skipped the push up part and did matching of numbers 1-6 instead. I used Goodnight Moon (the counting book version) to let her match the correct number (in mandarin as well) and do the counting. I provided a bowl of pompoms and number plates recycled from bread clips on which i wrote the numbers. She will then balance her pom poms on a plate and walk to the other end of living room to put into the correct Numbered cup (I used masking tape to label). 


Boys really took up the challenge with gusto and grit!


Using alphabet pieces, they had to find the letters and spell out the whole verse, one word at a time. Each time they complete a word, they will balance and bring the word tray to the other side of the table and copy the word onto a card. Then they will start the circuit again to do the next work.


Finally, they rearrange their written cards in the order of the bible verse and read aloud.

In the middle of it all, J became tired and i encouraged him to complete a few more words at one go with the help of his big brother (who had completed his task). After much encouragement, he finally completed till the end. My girl was delighted that she could manage the number recognition task that was assigned to her.

It was a great workout time and a change of the norm of reviewing verses. At the same time (except for my girl), reading, writing and spelling were all included in this whole game! The kids were so pumped up by this game, they were happy just resting on the sofa to catch their breath… Needless to say, i was very glad to see them resting!

let’s do the Hoogie Boogie and let them run around! That’s what it’s all about!



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