Beach, Bike and Bubbles


We went to the beach about a month ago. It was simple fun, recycling Pistachio nut shells and using our recycled real spetulas, scoops, mini plastic flower pots, an old funnel and yakult bottles.  Kids had fun just exploring them and watching the sand absorb the water that they poured in. They love playing with our real pots and utensils. Simple activity with lots of scooping and digging, strengthening their wrists and nimble fingers.

1-IMG_6864 I was inspired to do some sand art myself using the vast spacious sand.


We also had fun practicing A’s cycling endeavour on two wheels. At the same time just catching bubbles at the playground.

Missing such times like these when the air is fresh. With the recent air becoming polluted by the haze we then realise how precious and important the clean air we had everyday that was taken for granted. Thanking God for the breath of life we have each day.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.


  1. Hello Angelia, stalking u from smb 😉
    What a lovely blog you’ve got! Great pics and lovely verses. Love the crafts too, esp the form dough! Hope to keep in touch 😉

    Off to bed now. Catch up soon ;))

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