Ice Ski-ing Painting (with dunkin’ toys and treasure surprise!)

With the school holidays, i have to work harder to occupy the kiddos. Thanks to the boys’ wonderful auntie (who took them overnight), I can afford time to blog this really EXCITING activity today! 

I saw this really COOL ice painting activity at this must visit Crayon Box ChroniclesCoolest ever literally too! Her fantastic paint play inspired me to do likewise. Do check out her website for more details. I ransacked whatever that we had which would promote imaginative play. 

I found using silicone moulds very effective as the ice can be easily removed. I simply used tempura paint and also crayola’s jelly like non toxic handpaint. I figured that it’ll be so much fun to see how colours are merged together and when they melt, how the colours start changing upon mixing fun. Therefore, i used two or more colours for half of the moulds and the other half with single colours.

1-2014-03-17                 1-2014-03-201

I had soldiers, sea animals, mini dinosaurs and also sneakily dunked in tiny ‘treasures’ like plastic ‘ice cubes’, marbles, heart shaped beads, and other plastic items that would interest them. They were thrilled and very surprised to discover those treasures upon melting their paints!

 1-IMG_7160              1-IMG_7220

Fill the colours carefully and they’ll be captured as separate colours if you do not mix them!

1-2014-03-20  I simply loved the liquid and solid frozen effects!


I did this activity just outside my corner corridor. There’s something different when we do activities outdoors and I made use of the staircase for imaginative ‘ski-ing’ to take place.I simply used my accumulated cardboards and put them in place for the messy play.

1-2014-03-204 We had company and all the kids went ‘OOOooo’ ‘AAAahhh’ ‘COOOOOOLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!’

The ski-ing began and created interesting textures and stubs of lines. As the tempura was of a nice silky texture, the paint slid like rub-a-dab-dab motion.

1-2014-03-203  Sensory Play at work (cold painting)

 1-IMG_7244  One of my boy did this cool battlefield play.

1-IMG_7242 This was the final scene.

In our excitement, I had forgotten all about educating them on the change of states! You might want to remember to do that to add science knowledge in. : )


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