Recycling Clay and Styrofoam in a (Pom)pish style!

I had unwanted leftover clay bits from my class and lumped them together, sprayed water and left it to sit for a few days before using. There was also the really nice Styrofoam (with a shallow pocket centre) frames that were sitting around to be recycled. Initially I just thought of inserting the kids’ drawings into them, but it was such a waste of that pocket space. That was when I figured the use of clay would fit nicely and snugly into the pocket hole! Since Clay requires a higher level of competency to mould and join parts together, i just let them press in the lump of rolled clay into the pocket centre and play with loose parts to create texture imprints.


Using all kinds of loose parts (e.g. screws,lego,buttons,broken car tyre, bottle caps, plastic tree shape etc)


Air dry clay (about a week as they are thick) then paint with Acrylic.

A painting tip: In order for the textures to be seen clearly, you need to have a first layer where most of the crevices and indents are coloured by a single colour. After which other layers of colours can be spread and brushed over lightly (without getting into the crevices or indents this time). By doing so, you will see the texture prints distinctly.


1-2014-03-252   From top to bottom: My 2 and a half yo, almost 6 yo, and 4 yo

1-2014-03-253 They enjoyed pinning them and even my girl did it without hurting herself.

After i glued the clay and fit them into the Styrofoam pockets, they didn’t look as impressive due to the huge borders. That’s when I brainstormed for ideas on how to use materials to pin them into the styrofoam. I searched for materials and was delighted with the bright and vibrant poms poms. They were perfect for pinning! I recalled i have a box of unused needles, so i took them out and the Pom Pom party began! Needless to say, sharp supervision followed.


The needles were longer for the thinner parts of the Styrofoam, so i had to bend it into a U shape to repin it and used a duck tape to secure it. There were flat spokes where i could just poke a hole and insert a string to hang the Styrofoam frames up.

I found some letters and used double sided tape for them to stick on their Styrofoam works. I find double-sided tapes work wonders for styrofoam surfaces over glue.


Below is another clay series without the Styrofoam.


My Eldest engraved his own Chinese Name while I helped the rest.

We created textures with loose parts again, this time with tiny interesting beads, plastic animal shapes and buttons.

1-2014-03-09  The painting and Final Product of one of those works.

It was also a gift. This was done by my girl and I provided the colours that she fancied. It was a very lovely surprise of colours. I also coated a layer of Gloss over the dried product for a glossy finish.


1-IMG_7323  Come On Everybody, Let’s Shake your Pom Poms!


Faith Reflections: As I saw the process of recycling the Styrofoams and the Clay, I witnessed how a transformation of beauty can take place through the loving artistic process.  I marvel at how our Maker is taking pains to mould us into His likeness. If only we could see our value in the eyes of our Maker and know how we will be made from glory to glory in His time…. It is not about how marvellous or how miry the Clay is, it is in the Maker . The Maker who will make the Clay into a precious piece of timeless Art (For eternity).






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