Why my Blog is like so ‘Wonderful’ (Ah or Meh)?

Something came over me today. There are so many things that i want to pen. Like how frustrating today went or the week that passed with illness for our boys’ company and how horrible I felt as a mum with my ungentle and screaming spirit and the list goes on. It is a fact of life, a mum’s life will have such dreary and self inflicting torments of guilt… So there, I’ve vented out a bit already! Phew!

Now, let’s begin afresh. I really want to write on about the awful week that passed, but I decided this small part would do for now. I am not downplaying the lows of my life, nor do I want to play it up here. A reminder to myself, that this blog is meant to record the blessings and pass the blessings down to others. So, if you find this blog unrealistically ‘wonderful’, it is NOT because I have a great life without trials.

It is because I hope to pen down only lovely and valuable memories and let the ugly and unlovely be forgiven (as I seek God’s forgiveness and those of others 1John 1:9 says ‘ If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness). And let the past be left as bygones. Since He has purified us from all unrighteousness,  ‘So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.’  Heb 4:16.

His grace through Jesus’ righteousness gives me freedom to move on in life. I would love to blog about EVERYTHING! But I need to guard my time and be watchful what I blog do not stumble or discriminate others just because I feel like penning down my feelings. I have been personally very blessed by many wonderful bloggers and therefore understand the power of the word. I find myself being transformed subtly but surely as I read other people’s blogs. Therefore, it is also important not only whose blog I read and follow, but also how I wish my blog to influence when my readers come into contact with Growing Hearts. This blog doesn’t represent the reality of my life nor my family’s life. It is only a journey of sharing on the Blessings and that (whatever activities) which I find might be beneficial to others. I choose to write only the blessings be it in terms of my activities or resources, and perhaps the trials that turns out to still be a blessing. Do find out more on (Why I blog) if you are new here.

So, nope, my life is not entirely wonderful, but it is blessed enough for me to post about it. : )

I love this article by FrugalFun4Boys. She gives a very sound and balanced approach to how much do we want to engage our kids with activities (in this case, the arts n craft) as well as the blog not representing the realities of a blogger’s life. She also aptly points out that if a blog causes you to be stumbled and pressured because of reading a blog, then it’s time to stop and find a more inspiring and encouraging blog to read.

I totally agree with that point. I have once read a person’s blog and got so envious of what she was doing that I felt very discouraged and discontented with my own life. Perhaps it was the way she had written that induced such feelings or it could also be my own evil desires overtaking me. Later on, the Lord helped me discern that this was a source of my discontentment, and I stopped following that blog. Once I did that, the pressure and ill feelings just dissipated! Yes, that is the power of our words.

Now, I shall move on to work on blogging my next post on the Habit of Attention which will take some time as it involves language learning. Hope to do it by the following week since I just spent time blogging this post! ; p

May you have peace in your endeavours!








  1. Love this post. It is exactly what I’ve been thinking about these couple of days. I’ve been contemplating on the purpose of my blog. Why do I blog? It is true too that reading blogs can either encourage you or make you feel worse, when we start to compare our lives with that of the blogger(s). I’m still trying to find a purpose for my blog… As you can see, I’m in a rut tight now, with not many posts being published. Hopefully I can get over this rut soon.

    • Hi Ing, Thanks for sharing. It is good to take stock and pause in moments like these. Am confident once you get your bearing, you’ll be overflowing with the right stuff showing quality of life! : )

  2. Well said. Follow your heart, and it will guide your blog posts into the blessings you set out to write about from the very beginning. Press on!

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