DIY Mobile Art Cot Station

Hi! I’m so glad to be back posting! It was a long and dreary month dealing with viruses as my family members took turns to fall ill including myself. I couldn’t bear the silence any longer. So there!

I converted my kids’ cot into an Art station. This act was a milestone as the kids could finally do art freely on their own and at their whim! It is so encouraging to see them spending time on their own initiative to make and create! Give them the opportunities and materials, they’ll do wonders! Have fun watching them grow as you dedicate a space for their creative initiatives!

1-1920054_10151975513507712_224442698_n  The beauty of this lies in the mobility it provides. I can shift it anywhere around the house to make space.


I cut open a used box and lay it flat, taping the top and bottom cover flaps to provide the height and suited length for my backing. A friend liked that it looked like a ‘mood board’.

1-IMG_7350    I included a shelf to maximise space storage and hung a chalk board at the side with a thick ribbon.


I cut out some sketches and abstract of my kids’ works and decorated on the front for a touch of fun and humour. It also acts as a platform for display. We included Mandarin and English labels on the drawers.

Materials that I provided include

  • Letter Writing Box kit
  • Recycled papers of different sizes, New drawing papers of varied sizes, square coloured papers
  • A cup of 2B Pencils and erasers, a can of colour pencils
  • Boxes of nitty gritty paper stars, coloured strips of papers, beads, small items that could be of interest for pasting and collage
  • Stencils of different shapes and sizes including alphabets
  • A basket of containers for holding water, egg cartons as palettes, varied sizes of brushes, toothbrushes, sponges and sponge rollers for painting
  • A set of poster colours, markers, magnifying glasses, mirrors, coloured chalks, duster, washi tapes, masking tapes, scissors, glue, blu tacks and stamps inside the drawers.

1-IMG_7354  A combined effort by no.2 and no.3


A wall set apart for their Art works which I update whenever there are newer works.


Happy exploring other Art spaces at Childhood 101 and The Imagination Tree and a look at a Singaporean Mum’s dedicated space!

Dedicating an Art area will encourage self motivated learning and self initiation on creative projects.

Go on, make available the materials and watch them grow!

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Have a blessed day!


  1. I LOVE your cot station! Its so nicely done up and well supplied! How do you ensure the kids use the materials and don’t scatter them? My toddler always takes the materials, walks about and they go everywhere!

    • Hi Jus, Thanks! They do scatter them about despite having this area for them. I just remind them to return to the Cot area to do their work. And make sure to follow up after they finish everything, to keep it clean and tidy. It’s the same with other habits, to keep where it belongs. One thing that works well, if they refuse to clean up, the consequence is to PRACTICE cleaning up several times! That usually keeps them on their toes. ; p

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