This IS my PLAY GROUND, my childhood place.

As I witness how my kids grow in their physical adeptness, since this is their usual morning routine, I marvel at how they never seem to tire of the same place… In fact, they get very excited being able to do their exercise and imagination routine. It then dawned on me that indeed, it is the daily habits like these that becomes a precious memory to be savoured years down the road. Holiday trips may be exciting, but it will be the consistent routine of playtime and loving and growing that will be etched into hearts and minds. This consistent routine will also enhance their physical strength and develop skills with greater confidence.

1-2014-03-19  Climbing

1-2014-03-191  Arm and limb strength and courage to speed and ‘fly’ midair

1-2014-03-193  Imaginative play and balancing skills. With daily practice, my youngest initiated to slide down the pole herself.

1-2014-03-192 My youngest also loves the monkey bar of course with some help.

My eldest had some difficulty crossing the monkey bar initially, but after encouraging him to persevere and not give up, he soon caught up with the second son within a few weeks time. They also learnt to climb a long pole and tried a few attempts to climb trees.


Their gym routine developed from just hanging with arms and limbs to balancing on the poles. The playground was a soft carpeted sponge playground, so it was safe enough for them to exercise their gymnastic moves…

One thing amused me was the looks we get from the park goers(majority the older generation) lamenting on how dangerous it was for them to play like that. And I get the look from them, ‘what kind of mum am I to allow them to do such dangerous stunts?’ I just smile at them and just be more alert to their moves. I was also wondering, during the Kampong carefree days, kids enjoy doing even more ‘dangerous stuffs’… Anyway, my husband is a risk taker, and I also learnt that boys need an outlet for their creative energies to be expended. By allowing them the freedom to explore the environment and exercise their God given parts, the boys enjoy the pleasure of risk taking and learn the extent of what their boundaries are. When they do fall and get hurt, I would help them learn how to break their fall and caution them to certain dangers. Overall, they are able to play without getting into serious injury. I also am prepared for accidents to happen. Nontheless, I would rather let them be the best that they can be, than to quench their desires and thirst for stretching their physical limits. I recall a literature study in which man, our bodies were made to scale the earth. We don’t have much hills and mountains to climb, so we make do with our variety of open playgrounds! Now, the park goers are used to our active presence and also learn to enjoy their active play.

May we enjoy building special memories through even the most mundane routine and grow in our Body, Mind and Soul!




  1. Wow, you bring your kids to the playground every morning? They’re so blessed! It is indeed the little daily routines that will become precious memories for our kids when they grow up. Totally agree with that!

    • Hi Ing,
      Yes, it’s actually COMPULSORY! lol. My boys need to EXPEND their energies before we start the day to ensure a better flow of routine if you know what I mean…hee.

    • Hi Jolin, Yes, this particular one is spacious and great fun. But it was only utilised a few months ago. Previously, we just settle for our nearer playground as kids were also very contented playing those mini playgrounds? So i am inclined to think that it’s us who might be the ones seeking for bigger playgrounds since we as adults can discern? ; p I really slowly come to understand that kids are really able to play ANYWHERE with ANYTHING…lol. Maybe, it’s a matter of changing our perspectives and maybe helping them see every opportunity for play and imagination? : )

  2. your kids are so li hai! and the playground looks great! i m having hard time getting my eldest out of the house to playground… i think he’s very zai nan and prefers to stay at home -.-“

    • Nah… it’s only after they play daily like a monkey then can develop their ‘skills’ la… Ha… My eldest too! I just say, either you join us at playground or run along with me for many rounds!! (that does it!) ; p In fact, my eldest only developed his physical abilities after LOADS of encouragement to practice and persevere little daily. : )

  3. […] Playground time for kids and work out time for mummy! Kids jog with me a few rounds then play while I managed a short 14mins jog. Today we’re left with 20mins of playtime due to the delays of the morning. Otherwise, 40mnis-1 hr would be ideal for expending their energy. I’ve learnt that no matter how short the time for outdoors, it’s better to be under the sun for 15mins than nothing at all. The look of pure delight when the duo play is irresistible! […]

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