I love to share my HeArtworks!


This post was motivated by No One is You-er than You. : ) If you are new, this is the place to start to know a bit more of me through Growing HeArts.



And yes, I love to share my

 HeART : To grow in our love for He (Jesus) as well as using ART to develop my little ones’ whole faculties.

Do pop over to  1) Why blog? to know what this blog largely entails.

This part of me not everyone knows. They may know but might not see the works I have done as it always disappears into someone else’s home. Keen to know my HeART works? They are simple gifts from the heart.

Lastly, I would like to end with this post on one of my messiest fun activity for my girl’s Birthday Celebration.

If you are keen to know more, just click away!

That’s all folks! Hope to have you over again. : )







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  1. […] The centre red is supposed to be the mother doll while the red figure on the right is the baby in red. E managed to express one of the blue glass bead with the detailed lines.  I like the brown legs that she captured of the doll and the baby. Again, I am delighted that she actually took pains to observe the whole setting and gave her own interpretation of what she saw and felt like painting. Guess what? I was so drawn by this whole magical set up and atmosphere, I couldn’t resist painting it myself! (And this is really rare because I usually would rather read a book or maybe use the internet? as shared over here.) […]

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