Look! Mummy, I did this! And that! and This! AnD and aNd

Eversince I did the Mobile Art Cot Station, the kids have been freely creating works of art. Recently, I was very surprised to see a development of works apart from their usual drawings and colouring. These were totally the boys’ own ideas and initiatives which really gave great pleasure to witness!

1) Electrical Tape-ing 


One fine day, I was just resting on the sofa observing the kids’ free play. A started using the electrical tape to tape on the floor for an activity. It started with this innocent short line which he fancied to be longer. That became the trigger point of no return and the boys suddenly found themselves enjoying the taping activity much more than the initial play!


I was amused and very glad that I hadn’t introduced this taping idea to them earlier as intended! It was an even greater pleasure to see them discover the fun and beauty of this activity by themselves! I was glad and relieved that this activity was done with the cheaper rolls of electrical tapes instead of washi! ; p


J had handmade these ‘cars’ and ‘balls’ entirely on his own.

I was really impressed as he figured by himself to crush papers into a ball and tape them up to form his play objects! This totally threw me off guard as to how the little minds can process and think for themselves when it comes to creating.

1-2014-04-253 My line of thoughts- Floor Art is not = boys’ train of thoughts- Car  Tracks!


2) DIY Pin Ball Box

1-2014-04-30  A’s reconstruction of the Pin Ball box that he saw during an episode of Art Attack.

It was another exciting process to see how A recalled the episode of doing the game box and cut up the shoe box i provided them for play. It was his first attempt on cutting a box and he did a pretty decent job right to the point of sticking a piece of board to stand up inside the box. Perhaps, it was at a time that I was not free to help him further, after a while, he got distracted and abandoned this job.


On the contrary, this idea rubbed onto J and he begged for my help to start this Pinball game box construction. For his case, his patience paid off as I finally did the work together with him only the next few days. I taught both of them how to do the lever to push the ball and J completed the work with eager hands. Not the prettiest box, but I was delighted by their efforts.

1-IMG_7612   Another new creation resulted from the above exploration.

1-IMG_7615    My youngest girl also had to participate and did her own version.

With the help of J’s nimble fingers.

3) DIY Puzzle


J’s very own DIY cut up puzzle which he pieced together with much pride! I marvel at how kids can come up with interesting ideas entirely on their own without references as well. It is also a humble reminder on how as parents and teachers, we may seek to nurture them as persons and not mistake them as empty jars waiting to be filled up by us.

I count my blessings of how such creative process can be nurtured and count it a privilege to grow together with them in this journey of learning, creating and constructing!

Let’s take time to Inspire our children and be inspired by them!



  1. I miss such times of uninterrupted free play for my two boys. Ever since they started primary school, they do not have a lot of time at home for free exploration. I’m so looking forward to the June holidays. Enjoy these times with your kids!

    • I can imagine… Yes, I was just thinking about it. They don’t have too much time for such carefree play once they enter Primary school. The good thing is, you have beautiful and fond memories created in order to ‘miss’ them! : ) Am just savouring their lil moments now… Have fun in Jun! Also scheduled your post on 35ways to beat boredom for hols.

      • Thanks! I guess you’re right. I do have many fond memories of the kids’ earlier years. Cherish the times you have with them now while they’re still little! 🙂

  2. Inspired by how you “train” and help your kids to develop their ability to play on their own. It is an important lifeskill to have – to self-entertain instead of complaining of boredom and nobody to entertain them. I shall persevere!

    • Hi Abigail, thanks for dropping by! I believe they need to know the world doesn’t revolve around them. : ) Jiayou!! One habit at a time! slowly but surely we’ll get there. How old are your kids?

      • Older girl is almost 3 and younger boy is 7 months! I think the younger boy can play better on his own. Sigh.. the misfortune of being later-born!

  3. Ya, can understand it’s like less attention for no. 2. But the flip side is they’re survivors! : ) Don’t feel guilty for the lack of attention. Our children need to learn to share our attention too. All the best!

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