Our very Own Mud Kitchen! (Me: boys this is not playing with Poo ok?)


I had first come into contact with Mud play at Mud mud marvelous mud. She is an advocate of Outdoor Play and here are reasons why we should play with mud. I was like… EEeeeewww…. Seriously. However, after following her posts, I began to feel less repulsive over the idea and wondered over those set ups of Mud kitchen Plays.

Today I finally mustered courage to do a ‘Mud kitchen’. All thanks to a change of perception from a local mum’s admirable HDB effort! Read her full post at Stay At Home Mum of Three. If we can’t go to the mountain, we create a hill back home. In this case, we buy mud home. ; )

I also used aplenty of old and recycled REAL TOOLS. e.g. Spatulas, scoops,tongs,funnel,real metal kettle,pot and an old rice cooker for pretend play. (I use these for outdoor sand play too.) This is only the tip of the iceberg of 30Days Transforming your play. Read the full post for using Real Tools at Racheous‘.



Dig In!



1-IMG_7705  I added Pebbles, leaves and some dried flowers

1-IMG_7717    The dining area where food is ordered and served.




Yup, We all cleaned up the mess and scrubbing the chalk marks are actually the kids’ FAVORITE part!


Read the- Chalk Drawing fun.

They played with chalk and doodled all the way this time, to the lift landing area. Then they played Mud Kitchen and cleaned up the entire corridor leading to the centre lift area. Then we headed for dinner and lala land was a piece of cake! : )

Happy Weekend!




    • Hi Emma, thanks for dropping by.Yes, they enjoy the scrubbing as they love to play with water! Will be visiting your blogful of ideas too! Happy week ahead. : )

  1. This is so fun! It takes a lot of guts to do this here in SG, especially along the corridor. I can imagine my neighbours frowning at us if we make such a mess outside! 🙂 But it’s great you taught your kids to clean up, that’s like another fun activity for them too!

    • Ha… Thanks Ing! Good thing is my neighbours know we’ll clean their corridors too! So they’re more than happy to accommodate. lol.And yes thank God we have kind neighbours who don’t mind my kids playing outside… : )

  2. I love this post! So pleased I encouraged you to take the plunge. Makes it all worthwhile and it looks like they all had a brilliant time. Thanks again for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party. Hope to see you there again from tomorrow 🙂

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