Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars,How I Wonder What You Are? Part 1

My Eldest has been showing immense interest in Space and aspires to be an Astronaut. MMmmmm… Not very practical to us, but nontheless a worthy aspiration! Therefore I decided to include this topic in our Lapbook study this year.

We used The Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram as our Lapbook’s main study. Prior to this, we had read and discussed over the first man who went to space and the man in the moon etc using library resources. The following are some examples of how we learnt in particular, the Moon Phases.  It was particularly mind boggling to me as I did my own research and finally came up with these to help the young minds capture a bit of the moon phases.

Firstly,how do I solve the problem of experimenting with light when my house is so brightly lit in the daytime?( I had to teach my son and his friend in the daytime. So no option of night)

Ta-Dah! I figured my son’s Double Decker Bed would be perfect for this darkness set up! I simply covered it with my Quilt cover and a large piece of cloth and used clothes pegs to secure them.


You can do your research in the library and check this Moon Phase Explanation for clearer understanding.

I was inspired by We Made that to do a demonstration for clearer understanding of this lofty concept. Nontheless, before this, I let my child see the excellent Moon Phase Animation which has the pause function and works very well hand in hand with my physical demonstration in the above photo. I had to play the Animation (paused for each phase), and tallied the demonstration of the styrofoam moonball moving at animation phases. This simultaneous demonstration of the virtual and tangible then suddenly made sense to the kids viewing the process from the earth’s angle. They then ‘saw’ literally how the shadow changed the lit part of the moon. That was a thrilling moment as they didn’t comprehend it during the theory part. The “OH NOW I SEE!” exclamations of delight was precious to behold.


Then we did a Moon Phase Card Matching Activity. To get the above flashcards on Moon Phases click here and find the PDF on Moon Phase 3.


I’ve seen this Oreo idea before and decided to try it out ourselves! My son and his friend enjoyed this part thoroughly!



From the Moon Phases Flashcards that I printed out and laminated, they filled up a diagram that I googled searched on the phases. They did their own observational drawings and copied the appropriate words accordingly.


Have a BLAST on this Food for thoughts time of learning!

Other very interesting and hands on blogs that I recommend would be Natural Beach Living and Play At Home Mum.

Research and Information sites:

05Creation_Day4 (I googled and found this PDF version in the net but I can’t find the ownership)

Amazing Space 

Astronomy for Kids

NASA Kids Club


Do pop over HERE to download a Cool Moon Walk tracker by PocketMouse Publishing.

If you have enjoyed he above, do check out Part 2 and Part 3 on Art and Sensory Activities.

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  1. This is a wonderful study! Your ideas for helping kids get to the “now I see moment” are fabulous. Thanks for including all the links, especially the moon tracker I made! 🙂 I hope your family has a chance to get out under clear skies to see the moon this month!

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