Are we there yet? No? Mum I wanna draw! (Trusty Honda, take us to Penang!)

Yes, We decided to make a road trip to Penang! Check out our stopovers and how we made it there and back in our JOY RiDe! This time round, instead of the usual yearly Malacca trip (eversince we had kids), hubby decided on this lil road adventure! Have I mentioned I’ve a fabulous holiday planner partner? He plans the trip and I pack the trip! ; p

Also, I went along with his move for an unplanned hotel stop at Ipoh. Yep, So we just drove to any hotel we fancied and booked on the spot! It was Tune hotel on the way there and Ipoh Boutique Hotel on our return. We prefer the latter as it’s even cheaper than Tune’s budget hotel price with basic facilities included.

It’s really gratifying to see how the kids have grown (yes, it only grew from practice) to love drawing and doodling anytime, anywhere. This road trip has been an enjoyable one as the kids either were k.o. zzzz or munching with snacks, or drawing. Of course there were the usual bickering and weird farm noises… Overall, it was a pleasant journey!

This has been a wonderful and much treasured journey, experiencing a whole lot of flavourful places and reminiscing the past of Singapore found in these old towns. It was a great time of ever present bonding as I did not bring my mobile phone along. I was able to spend lots of time reflecting and reading too! That will be another post. : )

Ok! Ready? Stopover 1) Kuala Lumpur (3D2N) 1-2014-06-10

2) Lost World of Tambun (Ipoh 1N) :It is a smaller version of Sunway Lagoon. We loved the petting Zoo! Loads of fun! 1-2014-06-11

3) Penang (5D4N)  Hard Rock Hotel ROCKED! Fabulous food (breakfast Buffet included) and had funky Kids’ Club activities (baking, face painting,colouring,movies etc) A meandering pool for adults, water playground and sand playground all just at the bay of the beach! So much like Phuket! 1-2014-06-28


GeorgeTown in Penang: A FEAST to the eyes! LOVE those Mural and Iron Street Art! 1-2014-06-152

The below centre drawing was generated from my classic failure to capture the whole vehicle of the motorbike on the bottom right! I was totally thrilled to spot this Indian man riding on scooter that had a cabin filled with food and there were bread packs hanging around the cabin and lots more!  You see, we were in the car so, er hum excuse my poor skill of just managing to capture the Indian guy! All of us just burst out into ridiculous laughter and I moaned as he whizzed passed yonder…. So A cheekily exclaimed, ” Never Mind Mummy! I help you draw la! So easy!” And so he comforted me and amused me with his centre art piece. God bless his soul! : ) It brought back sweet memories of how I used to buy bread and tidbits from the like of below. 1-2014-06-154

My 4 kiddos Pattern ‘Zuay Guay’ elephant…. (means their patterns/actions are more than the patterns of elephants) Basically drama rama la… 1-2014-06-155

A Carnival Nostalgia nearby the hotel reminded me of our childhood times of playing tikam tikam in this type of ‘lau kok kok’  place in the images below. 1-2014-06-14

Our RETURN TRIP back to Singapore. 4) Tai Ping Zoo : We left Penang and landed at Tai Ping Zoo as the Cable Car ride was not available for us to ride. So my hubby just drove on and ended up in this seemingly forgotten place… It was I admit a little creepy as the place was not well maintained to me. The fences were low and very worn out, trees were overgrown till the place looked like a jungle? The pond was amassed with a thick layer of algae, which looked like a piece of grassland… I was relieved that we were on the tram tour instead of walking on foot when I spotted a huge monitor lizard passing us stealthily… Nontheless, it was still an experience that intrigued my city bred genes. We managed to settle at a nice area to do some first hand observation drawings of the animals! : ) By the way, my hubby shared that this was the only State Maintained Zoo in Malaysia so it is actually quite good already! 1-2014-06-21

5) Back to Ipoh for more food delights and random hotel stay! (I was too tired to take any photo) (1N at Ipoh Boutique Hotel)

6) Malacca: We settled at another budget hotel at Malacca. Apart from the usual Jonker street food, we savoured our usual haunt at Aldy’s Hotel. Cheap and Quality food!  It’s a Die die must try i feel! 1-2014-06-18  Lastly, we did early morning leisure sketching on the last day of our stay to end the beautiful journey. 1-2014-06-212 1-2014-06-213 1-2014-06-214

This was my quick impressions and A wrote mama to indicate this was my art piece. 1-IMG_8270

I thank God for His faithful protection and care throughout the whole journey allowing us to have good enough health to enjoy His abundant lavishing in the beauty of this earth. I also thank God for my ‘Gung Ho’ adventurous and witty hubby who tirelessly drove throughout while we enjoyed the rides of our lives! Treasuring this wonderful memory and rejuvenated to start the semester ahead!


    • It’s a pleasure to share! Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment! it’ll be great if you can revisit Asia again in future. : )

  1. I want to go back to Asia. I am from the Philippines and I want to see the changes that had happened while I am gone (4 years)!!! Thanks for sharing photos of this trip! So many things to do and many sites to see and looks so much fun there =) #countrykids

    • Hi, Thanks for popping by again! I tried commenting on your photos of road signs before but was mistaken as spam! ha. Yes, will be nostalgic to return Asia! : )

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