A HeARTful of Ideas (Series 1)

Hi! I am starting a A HeARTful of Ideas selected from more popular activities that I’ve posted on Growing Heart’s FB. As we know that FB has since curtailed the viewership of posts according to the ‘popularity’ of posts, some of my posts from FB may not be included in your FB feeds even though you have ‘liked’ my FB page. Unless, one goes to my main growinghearts’ wall page, you will only see limited post feeds in your personal FB. This is also for bloggers who prefer to share ideas from a blog post over FB photos. Hope this series will spark off more ideas to enrich your lives! : )

1) Recognition of letters through active sticking and pasting of alphabets onto a real           keyboard.

I was working on my laptop and my girl promptly brought her real used keyboard to play beside me. She kept asking me what the letters were as she has only learnt her lower case letters and not the Upper case letters. That was when I took the opportunity to create learning moments of matching the lower case to the upper case letters with the help of the Alphabet chart. I took out the blank stickers and wrote the alphabets for this quick activity.

1-IMG_8294 1-IMG_7702

2) Recycle your used gift wrappers by simply cutting them into strips of paper for easy and neat storage. Use them for paper collages, laminated bookmarks with your own messages, use shape hole punchers for repeated patterns and stick them on cards etc!

1-1-IMG_7561     1-1-IMG_7562

3) Instant Car Race Ramp with a big cardboard propped on a low table.

1-1-IMG_0219    1-1-IMG_0220

4) How about firming up your town plans by taping them up? : )



5) Recycle your kid’s drawings and ‘abstract’ paintings by creating envelopes out of them!   The beauty of it lies in the versatility of making one to fit any card size. Simply use Washi tapes to fold and seal. My kids were able to do them all by themselves and have the pleasure of seeing their works of art being transformed into something useful.



6) This idea was taken from Creative Family Times (Practical Activities For Building Character In Your Preschooler) by Allen & Connie Hadidian, Will & Lindy Wilson.

I printed out some double or triple photos of a few favourite (threesome times together) photos for each sibling, as well as different ones for them to choose from. For example, 2 brothers together in different settings and they get to take turns to choose their preferred shots. Basically, each child had a variety of photos with either one sibling or together with the other 2. This activity was surprisingly a hit! They were so excited and enjoyed laughing at their photos while pasting them into their (DIY) scrapbook. At the end of the decorating and arranging, all of us were reminded of the precious memories built together as a family. I would definitely continue this practice in the future! I feel these scrapbooks would be great milestones and keepsakes for each sibling even when they begin to build their own families. I pray they would thus be reminded of their precious identity as a Yeow family and most importantly, as a family belonging to Christ.


What are some other ways that you do to build siblings’ relationships? : )







  1. Great ideas! Often when i read your blog and see all the stuff you have… huge pieces of cardboard, so many paper scraps, blocks, a REAL keyboard for the kids… I wonder how you store them!!

    • Hahaha.. That’s why I am DECLUTTERING a lot and throwing out those I do not use for more than half a yr! And after our 1st flat of no cabinets, this is my 2nd move. We made sure there’s plenty of cabinets and shelves to store things! I also make the most of space under our beds… hee. Am also restraining myself from picking up more items if I still haven’t used up my current boxes…; p

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