Yeah, it’s done! Now our books take the FRONT stage.

I’ve been admiring those DIY Front bookshelves that people made (or bought). And I finally came up with something easy to do with my recycling efforts! Wait, why do I even bother?

Firstly, having such Front book shelf helps display the books in a more inviting manner because of the front covers views. Secondly, it also helps to distinguish the books that are displayed from the rest of the filed books on the kids’ own bookshelves. We have A LOT of books and more often than not, the kids would go for only one third of it. With this display system, I can rotate the books for their viewing pleasure as well as bring those untouched books out for their attention. It also helps them to get familiarised with a set of books during the whole week instead of a touch and go approach. Lastly, It helps to bring in a sense of order in the house instead of the usual chaotic stack of books on the table.

I recently picked up this nice and firm longish cardboard box which I wanted to store my long paper rolls. But the eureka moment came when I was successful in fitting the  wooden bar (which was unused) into the box. I had wanted to recycle the wooden bar for the longest time, and it was perfect for this job!


Basically, I bought Duct tape to tape the whole board to strengthen and protect the board (as well as give it a nice white background). Reinforced the sides with another layer of cardboard and fully covered it with tape.


I figured it’ll be more effective using a pipe cleaner to secure the sides over a string.  And



It was so pleasant to see the fruits of my labour after adding the books to take front stage for this whole week!



After their usual morning playground time, they immediately clamoured for the books and I was relishing the way they were engrossed with the books.

May we enjoy reading time ourselves and bring such joy to our kids’ own reading! : )

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Have a blessed day!


    • Thanks! Ya… hee. I find it too sayang to throw as it’s really good wooden bar! ; p So just keeeeeeeeep till finally found a way to utilise it. : ) (so you see the extent of my karan guni-ness…)

  1. Wow! You’re really good at DIY-ing!!! I’ve always liked bookshelves with front facing books too, like what I used to have in my classrooms when I was teaching. Love the last photo of your kids engrossed in reading.

    • Hey Ing, haha.. thank God for creativity la, am really not THAT DIY. I only DIY with cardboards and whatever I have that doesn’t require sewing much nailing and drilling… So if I can do, many others can do too! : )

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