Twinkle Twinkle Lil Stars! Part 2 (Art Blast!)


Finally Part 2 is up! Pls check out Part 1 on Moon Phases if you missed it.

Here’s how the boys did their Space Background art piece.

Materials Needed

  1. Black Acrylic Paint ( We used pure black in the end, so ignore the other colours)
  2. White Tempura paint
  3. White Glue to thicken the paint (PVC Glue)
  4. Rollers
  5. Used (sterilised) Toothbrushes
  6. Bottle Caps
  7. Egg carton
  8. Cardboard for easy rolling of black paint and discard after use


Step 1) Roll black Paint onto paper thoroughly


Step 2) After it dries, stamp the ‘moon’ with bottle cover using the white paint mixture. Then add a small dollop more to thicken the moon paint.


Step 3) Use the egg carton to stamp and ‘absorb’ some paint to create crater effects. Someone accidentally added too much mixture and failed to have that crater effect, so I helped to create that effect by using the egg carton to ‘scoop’ up the paint for similar effects.


4) Use toothbrush to flick the white paint onto the black background for the starry effect.


Have a BLAST in Space art!


No, this is not the final product. It’s a photo of my playtime. ; p The next post will feature  the final product and kids’ Playtime.




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