What Glides, Slides and Creates a Storm? (Something other than my kids ; p )

See the answer in the photos below. : )

It’s rare to find a playground with the following combination- Swings, Slides, See-Saw and Sand within a park. It’s located just beside the Pasir Ris Sports Complex. It’s always great to head out early in the morning and enjoy the morning sun.






By now, you should know the answer. It’s the Sand….. that was playing… or being played by my kiddos… Am pretty tickled by their play especially the sand shower or may i say the mini sand ‘storm’ of the last 2 photos.





Let Our Children Play it Their Way! : )

Today has been a fabulous day. Boys didn’t go school as it was a school excursion holiday since they didn’t sign up for it. So I had all of them to celebrate my birthday. Hee. They were pretty co-operative. Gave me loads of kisses and reminders,” mummy today is your birthday! ” (in mandarin) for umpteenth times. Then we had lunch and headed to the library in White Sands mall just opposite the Playground.

Did I mention I bathed them inside the toilet cubicle with the hose? ; p So they were very clean! We borrowed books each child was capable of carrying in their own bags and headed home for a good nap! After which they woke up to read the books and played hide and seek while mummy writes this post up. : ) And my dearest hubby brought us out for a steamboat buffet.

Am thankful to God for wealth of health and His loving kindnesses surrounding the family. I want to thank all my sisters and mum who also celebrated for me last week. Last but not least, I thank the Lord for my beloved hubby! (past few years we didn’t buy gifts for each other as we didn’t want to indulge) But this year, he surprised me with a new laptop! My current one is super heavy laden and slow after more than 8yrs of use. He thoughtfully got a new one for me so that I can blog and store my photos more effectively! Wooohooooo!

I pray that as we’ve been blessed so much, my family would grow to be a channel of blessing (to do good works) that God has prepared for us in advance to do! Not because we are capable, but because He enables. : )

There shall be showers of blessing,                                                                                                   There is the promise of love,                                                                                                              There shall be seasons refreshing                                                                                                    Sent from the Saviour above.

Showers of blessing                                                                                                                             Showers of blessing we need.                                                                                                             Mercy drops round us are falling,                                                                                                     But for the showers we need.






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