A HeArtful of Ideas 2

I saw this activity and improvised my version from Hands On As We Grow.

The result? A very sticky and Electri-fy-ing time!

I used the electrical wiring tapes for this activity and whatever we had that were light enough to get STUCK…..

The Trampolin added an Oomph to the activity! ; )




The below was done 2 years ago and still rests folded flat against a corner of the boy’s room wall to save space. I had leftover wall paint from my house renovation that time and decided to use it for this cardboard project. The boys enjoyed this thoroughly and relished the DIY foldable house. I also wrapped it up with plastic so that they can use whiteboard markers to draw and design their own cafe or set up. I also used it as a ‘stand’ to put up their art works or some enlarged prints for teaching of a song etc.







I reminisce times like these with the kids and am very glad to have done such hands on activities with them.  A in the above photo was only 4years old and E was crawling! Now A is going to Primary One next year! In such a short two years, I am astonished at how A has matured. He is less keen on sensory play and prefers to read and play games (i.e. Uno,Junior Scrabble and mastermind) with us. It really makes me sit up and pay attention to these long days but short years of Preschool…

May we treasure our kids in whatever stages they are in. : )



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