A HeArtful of Ideas 3

  1.   DIY Ring Stack Toy 
This idea came to me when preparing a sensory gift box for my nephew’s birthday. I drew and shaded shapes with a single colour for learning of shapes and colours. I had lots of used duct tape rolls and decided to use them! The white duct tape provided the inspiration for drawing on them. Have fun making your own ring stacks of numbers, words, photos and more!
I simply recycled a Kitchen Towel Roll and inserted it into a plastic container to create a base and ring stand. Just a tip: I find that using Sharpie Markers are more effective in creating a vibrant colour especially on surfaces like duct tape.
2. Hands On Letter Learning Activity
I had much difficulty teaching my second child his basic alphabets during his younger days. He was extremely active and required much more hands on activities to engage him. I was exasperated that it took him more than 6 months to learn his basic alphabets despite just introducing 1 alphabet by a time and reviewing the learnt letters. I decided to create more tactile activities to help him. The below using of clay or playdough to form letters was one of those Eureka moments that helped both of us cross this learning milestone. Now my youngest is enjoying this simple and fun way of learning alphabets.
 1-IMG_8344   1-IMG_8343
3. DIY Bike Tyre Cover
I was tired of having black marks on my walls whenever this lil bike was parked inside the house.  The below is a DIY cover solution to my problem. I simply used a cardboard box, cut it and duct taped it with whatever available tapes left in the house. Pardon the lack of aesthetics, it is still going strong and I can park it anywhere in the house!
Just a side note, this bike is pedal-less if you haven’t already noticed. It has been a great investment as it trains the young ones to balance while using their legs to ‘pedal’. My 2 sons had been using this since 2years old. And we finally decided to let A learn to ride a two wheel bicycle. Within the first hour, with the guidance of Papa, A learnt how to balance and rode his bike with confidence. It was also the case for J. This is just something I had observed and thought it’s beneficial to share. : )
 1-IMG_8345 1-IMG_8348
Have a Joyful ride this week! : )


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