Soiling Around! (Come Play with Me! Series 5)

Following from the Mud Kitchen idea, this was another of those outdoor playtime especially good to occupy them during rainy days outside my corridor.


I always wonder at the creative exploration by kids. Give them Anything and they’ll come up with Something! My Pink Pot was used as a soil sprinkler.


They just love anything with holes to play with! As they played with the funnel, I asked them why does the soil fall faster from one object and slower from the other? Why are the pebbles not able to fall through? To which J replied because of the holes. I had to prod further what about the holes? Then he mentioned about sizes.



This was an accidental discovery. The soil had covered the bright pink mat and I brought their attention to the ‘marks’ made when the soil was scraped away. They then explored the etchings further with different materials and found the shell most effective in giving a clear mark.

1-2014-07-092  1-IMG_8625-002



I find that as I expose them to such Nature Play, they begin to be gradually more tuned to nature. It is hard to imagine that my kids didn’t like to touch the grass and not to mention the soil. We were pretty City bred until I began to relearn the art of appreciating nature.

Hope that you can find such playtime an opportunity for meaningful learning and growing as well as great fun!


  1. Is the soil just on the table or in some kind of container? My kids can’t even play with macaroni or beans without getting it!!

    • Hi Ed, check out It’s in a box container. And yes, my kids too. : ) Mmmm..It’ll help if you expect some mess and plan the time for it?Also if wanna let them play need to train them to clean up the place after use. Boys are happy to sweep the soil back into the box. I guess a lot of times it’s our limited time factor that also makes us frustrated over cleaning up messes? : ) Hope that helps.

      • I’m not OCD about cleaning, maybe I need to pick up more tips on how to get my kids to clean up.. Just the other day I literally threw some Lego away into the dustbin before they would start cleaning up! The other day my younger son was almost in years because he wanted ME to clean up the toys!! Wah liao!

      • I see. hee.Perhaps from henceforth make this a priority to get them clean up after themselves? I literally stop what I’m doing and watch them clear up and wait for them to do no matter how long it takes and they’re not allowed to go anywhere until they clean up. I gotta be consistently doing it before it became their habit. : )

  2. Next time I gotta join u in this messy play….I’m not sure how my girls (and me!) will react to soil. What are your instructions for them when they play these? i.e. no throwing at each other or pouring in your hair etc.

    • Haha.. Sure! You’re all more than welcome! Er.. I think they’re used to such play outside our corner corridor so they sort of know what not to do? ; p I expected the floor to get dirty and just made time for them to clean up thereafter. But yes, those instructions are useful for first timers? ; )

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