Chinese Copy Cat 2: What are the Websites I use?

Following from Chinese Copy Cats 1, I apologise for being less tech Savvy. So pls pardon the not so clear images of photos from the internet.

Basically, I use for not only my translation help, I also use it for writing out words that I am am unsure or do not know. This saves a lot of time over the dictionary book. The below is the main page. I use my mouse/touchpad to draw out the word in the box you see below and search the correct one. 1-IMG_9021  1-IMG_9023

Once you click on the word on the right hand box, it will give you the definition and stroke order on the right hand side as shown below (where my mouse icon is).



Once you click on it, this pop out box will show the animated demonstration of each stroke. This is when I ask my child to learn together with the computer.



On top of this, I can print out this word character by a right click and print. Pls NOTE: You need to allow the animation to complete like the below photo before clicking on print. Otherwise you may only get half the formation of the word in bold black. I then save the pdf file in my document, and change the paper size setting to 10×15 size in order to get a palm size font on my normal paper. This is printed out to be put up on the wall for review purposes.


Ok, this website is mainly for the details of the order of strokes and it’s labels. I use the font that I searched earlier on from, to copy and paste onto this website to search for the details. Right click on the blue icon  查询.


It will display the below and just click on  详细.. for details.



You will see the below display.


These 2 became my best friends to teaching Mandarin. : )

Hope they’ll be good friends to you too!

If you have an easier method to search and find for words, I’d be most excited to know of a better way or better resource! Please share in the comment box below. It’d be most appreciated! : )

To continue from this post to my last post, hop on Chinese Copy Cat 3


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