Fishing wrapping papers

It started with J who imagined his long stick branch (which he picked from outdoors moons ago) as a fishing rod. He wanted to play fishing and I thought, why not just do some of those paper fishes that could be drawn up by a magnet? I got this idea from Pink Stripey Socks who recycled process based art paintings. Just simply use paper clip on the cut out for it to be drawn by the magnet.

This was the best time of play to recycle those wrapping papers. Fuss free and colourful fishes of imagination!



IMG_9058  IMG_9062-001

E drew the oval herself and joined the dots I marked to form the tail of the fish.


She then drew her own patterns on it. And I couldn’t resist using the patterns to complete the fish cut out design. : )


She was happy trying to control the rod and string to fish up the paper clipped fish.


J played fishing with his ‘boat’.



And enjoying the fish of his labour! ; )

It is delightful to observe how the kids now out of habit, think of ways or ask mummy for ideas/materials in the house to create things to make their play happen instead of requesting for toys to make their imagination happen.

May you be encouraged to take time and Create with your creative children!





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