A HeArtful of Ideas 4

1. Hand Kite Ribbon Streamer

My lovely friend made this specially for E’s Birthday recycling the curtain ring I had given her. Chuckle. What goes around comes around! Am enjoying the rainbow colours brightening our days! The kids love to stream it around. And it acts as a beautiful window charm. It is really neat and well done! Thanks to my lovely friend! : )

1-IMG_8773 1-IMG_8988

2. Pipe Cleaner Button Bracelet and Ring.

My girl lost her newly bought (first) hello kitty ring that papa got for her… and She was   visibly upset. I was very impressed that her Sunday School Teacher deftly did a DIY set for her and she showed me happily upon returning! How cool and sweet is that? : )



3. Using Old School Activities to teach Patient Co-Operation.

In the recent days I use an old school method as a consequence for Sibling quarrels and fights. This is one of them. They’re to sort out buttons according to the colours as a team patiently. They’ve done 2 types of beans sorting as well.

On one of the mornings, they were squabbling yet again. It was time for playground session. The consequence apart from apologies and affirmation- I made the pair hold hands and walk down our usual 7 floors plus jog 2 rounds together hand in hand. Slowly training them to learn to be more patient with each other. 


Do you have other methods of teaching siblings to respect and love each other? : )






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