A Heartful of Ideas 5

2012-11-16 15.57.06My makeshift Easels in 2012. Not very sophisticated, but simply doable free fun! I didn’t want to spend on easels and get THREE for that matter, to set up our Outdoor painting time. That’s where I just gathered what I had and we plonked down comfortably to enjoy Nature and Art.


Try Marble Art to do a lovely background and just paste stickers of your theme to create a great piece of Artwork! Either frame them as gifts or simply make a card out of them for your loved one! I hope it’s not too late for Teacher’s Day?!  : ) So quick, make use of your kids’ abstract art and transform them into a great thematic work just from stickers!

I was Inspired by Housing A Forest and used our local milk powder tins for marbling which created much drumming which was music to the boys’ ears….

The below are other examples of how I used my kids’ process based paint works to create a simple story or composition simply by using stickers.

2013-01-28 12.41.49

 2013-01-28 12.43.32  2013-01-28 12.42.48


Have a great time sticking around your paintings!



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