Teacher Teacher Thank You for the Gardens Grown!

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When I was in Secondary Two, The question on ambition was posed. I thought hard and looked at my teacher. Mmmmm, I wanted to be like her! Little did I know I would eventually realise this ambition and Love my job!
I taught in both Secondary and Primary schools and tried a few months of Teaching at a Childcare Centre in my youth. Then I told myself I never wanted to teach in a Childcare not because I dislike babies and todds (on the contrary!), but I wasn’t mature enough to handle them day in and day out! I was very glad to be a Secondary School Teacher.
Not until I became a mother of 3 that my mother instinct bloomed and I began to enjoy teaching todds and babies! Now I enjoy teaching Primary Level adoring their less complicated stage compared to Adolescence. : p
It’s now more than 10years and I am grateful to be everlearning on how to be a better teacher at home and outside of home. I understand some of the Hard and Heart works that go into teaching a class of vibrant personalities. Each stage has their own unique challenges and sweet joy! Like the gardeners, it’s the little but faithful planting, tilling, pruning and patient daily labour that a garden grows!

Therefore, on this very special day, I want to thank All Teachers-

The Teachers in

the Parents, Grandparents and Caretakers who have to model and walk the talk of a lifetime to their kids

the Pastors, Preachers and Teachers of God’s words who dedicate their lives in exchange for many other lives

the Teachers (and Principals/Lecturers/Coaches/Mentors) of infants, children, teenagers and adults. Who go beyond diligent marking, lesson preparations, and administration. Who stimulate curiosity, inspire the hearts and cares for the souls under their charge.

the Authors of books who through penning down their life experiences and anecdotes that encouraged and lifted our spirits

the Bloggers of life whom plenty have benefited from especially one like me.

mmmm..  Sounds like there’s a lil teacher in everyone of us?

But most of all, I thank God for


the Everlasting and most Beautiful Teacher of all.

Blessed Teacher’s Day! Thank You for being a blessing and inspiring others to become a blessing!



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