HeArtfelt Clayworks of Gratitude 1


I was very impressed by Sun Hats & Wellie Boots’ Clay Play. And we did our version for Teacher’s Day. I didn’t share earlier due to the long process it took and I wanted the gifts as a surprise to the recipients. : )

Materials needed for Clay Station Set Up:

  1. Clay (I used Jovi Brand from Art Friend)
  2. Cookie Cutters
  3. Sequins, beads and old/unwanted jewellery (thanks to my mum) to be recycled.
  4. Rolling Pins
  5. Clay Tools
  6. I had 2 large ceramic tiles from my previous owner who left it in our store which was perfect for Clay Play!


The below are examples of how they used a cookie cutter to cut the shape and applied PVC White Glue before embedding the beads and Sequins into the Clay for a firm grip when it dries.


This process below shows the steps to take to roll an even piece of clay, I used 2 plastic cover lids to get the level of thickness I want for my slab of clay. J wanted to do a free styled piece for his Teacher.


The below is another method of using a silicone mold to form a bear clay mold. 2014-08-262

This is only stage One of our whole process! It took about 2 to 3 days for them to fully air dry.


Tips for keeping unused/remnants of Clay:

  • Gather and knead all the loose Clay together into one big lump. If the clay is drying up, you can spray the pieces as you knead them together in a bag. This will help the pieces gel together.
  • Then spray water using a spray bottle all over and keep it in an airtight ZipLock bag.
  • It can last for months if it is sprayed with water once in a while.

There are too many photos for this entire process, therefore the breakdown of this post. Next coming up will be the painting of these pieces and what they eventually became as a momento or a practical gift to the teachers.

Do check out Come Clay with Me for an idea of clay exploration.

(Here’s the second post of HeArtfelt Clayworks of gratuitude 2

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Have a blessed day!



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