To my beloved Hubby, Step by Step, I will get there, Wait for me k? : )

IMG_9342  2nd Dad & Sons Run in Sept 2014

This photo below was a flash in the past when Softball was my baby from Secondary through University. As this is a team sport, I found it hard to commit to the Softball Recreation Club enter working world. Instead I swam, ran, played tennis and for a short period of time did rock climbing. Those were the days…. Now as a mother of Three the following describes my Fitness Regime.


From dashing for softballs, I dash for the kids

From sliding to bases, I slide at playgrounds

From batting balls outfield, I battle with three

As for catching fly balls, I’m better than ever now!

I now swim in the deep pool of Parenthood

Run the race of child rearing (because the wee lil ones grow up SO fast!)

Practice tennis by sitting on the fence when kids start their arguments

I look to the Rock of Ages at the end of the day and climb into bed with a huge sigh of relief and contentment knowing it’s all worthwhile….

Until last year, I wasn’t able to engage in much exercise regime due to the hectic caring and teaching of my young ones. Then I started to notice the growth in all of them. They were playing much more independently and I realised my lil girl has joined the ranks of her brothers in scurrying around and climbing up bars, swinging fearlessly and enjoying the early morning playground times. I started training the boys to look out for E and make sure she is the first one to lead the way from one station to the next when they adjourn to and fro. During times when they left E behind while they scurried to the next station by themselves, I stop them and bade them to return and practice having the boys usher her to lead the way.

Since they were enjoying and playing well together, I decided to start my own fitness routine. I began to jog round the park while they played by themselves during playground time. This habit started only this year. In my mind, i just wanted to exercise and get my metabolism rate going. Simple.


What I never expected was the simple reason developed into an aspiration with the decision to join a group of Singapore Mom Bloggers (Christy, Liz, Mei Chee and Meiling ) in the Great Eastern Women’s Fun Run . We decided to spur each other on towards our maiden 5km Fun Run by giving some accountability through Watsapp and made arrangements to meet a few times before the Nov actual run.

My dear hubby is a very disciplined runner. He has done over 6 full marathons (42Km) since 2007. For a period of time, he was into Triathlon as well. That however couldn’t last long as it required a lot more commitment from him and the family due to the training involved. He then settled for just marathons. And I am thankful he decided to sacrifice his own ambitions so that he could spend more time with the family. I recall vividly during one of the date he had registered us for Love Works event. There, I got to discover one wish that he had for us as a couple. To run in a marathon together. I just kept it at heart but didn’t imagine it to realise due to my inertia in running. I love to play sports, but don’t enjoy jogging.

I hadn’t imagine the possibility of fulfiling his dream. Not until now. The sign up of the GE event, and having found this group of fresh runners of SMB sparked off the motivation I needed. I started jogging more consistently from June. From a relaxed and inconsistent jogging, I jogged for 10mins for a period of 2 weeks then proceeded to 20mins each morning (during my kids’ playground time). My goal is to condition my body for a sustainable time for the long distance (yes, to me, 5km is LONG distance!). One thing I did was to jog at a comfortable pace and not stopping to walk no matter how tired I am. This motto helped me to grow in my stamina and consistency. There were times when the whole tribe is down and I couldn’t exercise, otherwise, on average I would clock 20mins thrice a week.

I had also done 4km twice (with my family) and I just did a 5km run last Saturday with 2 SMB ladies. I never imagined all these possible prior to this! All thanks to this great group of ladies including the Fit and Fab blog train mums for inspiring me to a fitter lifestyle and boosting me to pursue this dream together with my hubby! : ) 42Km is a frightening goal. Nontheless, it always starts with a dream ya? And I’m glad to start with 5km! I’m not giving myself pressure to perform just the active working towards that goal no matter how long it takes! : ) Throughout that time of expressing his wish until now, my hubby did not pressurise me at all. When this new desire of mine was sparked, he was evidently more than glad to encourage and support me in my endeavours!

Below are photos of how our family also made more effort in exercising together outdoors during weekends to enjoy the Sun, the Sea and the Smiles.

To my Dearie, thank you for being always there for me and allowing me to grow in my own time and pace. Now I am all the more amazed by the years of tenacious discipline that you endured to run Marathons and Triathlons!  You are the Ironman of my heart. : )




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Next up is Michelle from The Chill Mom who is a former fashion model and now mom to 2 beautiful girls. She hates exercising but managed to regain her original body size just 6 weeks after delivering baby number 2. Read on to find out how to incorporate little daily habits to stay fit without exercising.



  1. Thank you for joining in! Wow, you are the first softball player I know. I did interschool Netball in my sec days and yes, it can be hard to commit when it is a team sport. I am in awe with all of you joggers out there because jogging is not my cuppa, truly. :p Good luck for the Nov GE run!

    • Thanks Alicia! Glad to join and get to know you all. : ) And jogging is not my cuppa too…kekeke Just that it’s the most convenient way to exercise anytime anywhere! Thanks for popping by!

  2. Great that you’re in this community and spurring each other on to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve not been exercising as much as I should and I ought to start my engines soon.

  3. This is so touching! It’s not easy to know what a man thinks or wishes for a significant love act. I am sure you can remember that forever. But I am sure you will get there sooner than you know especially now you are training hard for it. It’s a pity I can’t join you girls for the run. Hopefully I can when you girls are somewhere nearer my place. Not easy to leave 3 kids for a run. And if they do join in, I will be running haphazardly haha!

  4. […] I was glad, I did the above as there was no need to go through the hassle of depositing and retrieving belongings in the massive queue. My friends also spotted me shortly. Prior to this, I had been training up for this run. Come to think of it, we had registered for this run in July! To know why I trained up and decided to participate in this run, do read Hubby, Step by Step I will get There. […]

  5. […] getting the body you want. It wasn’t so much of getting a body I want as much as getting to the goal of a full marathon that I started my exercise regime. She highlighted sensible points and got my attention on how I […]

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