Come and Play with Me (Series 6):


It’s been some time since the kids played with Loose Parts. This was done a few weeks ago. I combined some wooden people and gave them odds and ends. I also took out a special Seashell tea set that my mum had added to our repertoire. The kids dived straight into their open ended play. For those unfamiliar with this kind of play, do find out more from my first post- Come Play with Me 1.

IMG_9255 2014-08-30

The above was A’s play  while the fish dish was by E my girl.

2014-08-301 E also relished in her lot of treasure that she piled up.

2014-08-303 J did the rest of the scenes. I provided some plasticine so that he could stick his shell seats as See Saw.

2014-08-302 He also created a game using the cap bottles as a ‘bullet’ to shoot down the rest of the cap targets.

IMG_9270  Surfing with Imagination

The blue plastic ‘gems’ were the waves and the finger puppet felt cloth became the surfboard.

I observed that A’s interest in this kind of play has been subdued while the younger ones still showed keen interest. I wonder if it has got to do with his maturing of age or personality? Whatever the case, I’m glad that he had the opportunity to play while he was younger and now another stage of growth dawns!

Come On, gather your odds and ends, Come Play with Us! : )

For more, please check out other Come Play with Me Series.




  1. interesting! do u leave the items out for the kids to play as n when they want? Or set it up for them as an ad hoc activity? And how do u ‘introduce’ the items/activity to them to get them to start playing?

    • I would love to… BUT don’t think there’s space nor is it safe as boys still do play balls (even though it’s soft toy types!) indoors. I set it up Ad Hoc. I just gather the materials and either display them in a big basket, or lay them in the center of the playmat/cloth and invite them to play As Is. You can start something if you want, like create a pattern or what. Perhaps I might do that next time! : ) Nice to have you pop by.

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