Stick Ar(t)round with Us for a Dose of Fun!

IMG_9444 The kids played this outdoors a few weeks ago before the onset of the sneaky haze. The usual riding bike and playing ball at the nearby piece of empty grassland which is hard to come by. We are glad for that space for them to go wild.

2014-09-21  They chose their sticks and started their Stickmen Play. Played Ninja Turtles, hockey and what not…

2014-09-211  Enjoying the mini hill slope of rolling the balls on a higher platform.

2014-09-212A had incidentally put 2 sticks in between the pillars for fun and I encouraged them to make something out of it. So there we go…. He also imagined this space to be a ticket booth where on the left, the booth is open and when he moved the stick up, it’s a closed shop.

2014-09-213 Shooting fun

IMG_9457 They scurried to gather more sticks and leaves.

IMG_9453 They also used the ball to hit the pile of Stick target. But figured it’s too laborious a game and stopped…chuckle.

IMG_9464 They actually played this game of ticketing booth using leaves as their ‘tickets’ and pretended to be going to the zoo or cinema for close to an hour.

This is by no means near Andy Goldsworthy’s Landscape Art Installations, but it’s a start?  ; p



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