Why am I doing these things? Musing musing musing….

As I did my 81st Post, I ask myself and a few have asked me, Why do I do these activities with my kids? Another post on Art? Or DIY?

What is the purpose of all these Art, DIY and endless activities? Can’t they play on their own? Aren’t I ‘entertaining’ them too much?

Here are my thoughts.

Firstly, these activities you see here are done once a week and if I have extra energy and inspiration, I will add one more to the week. Many activities that I’ve posted in the beginning have been records of previous years’ works. Otherwise, the kids are mostly left to their own devices. And the thing is, they’re done only after their school hours. So in fact, many of these activities takes only 1 or 2 hrs once or twice a week. : )

As I reflected upon the purpose and progress of my blog, it gave me much comfort and pleasure to see how much my family has grown in the past 10months eversince I blogged about my family. I recall how some bloggers share blogging has helped them grow as individuals and moms because they have some sort of records and accountability living their lives in alignment to what they blog about. So it is with me.

It started off with a desire to share my resources with others. Now it has morphed into how I have been blessed as I blogged down the precious ‘mundane’ moments in our day to day happenings. It is no longer about how others may benefit by ‘like’ ing my post. (Albeit it would be nice to have ‘likes’) It is now a beautiful way of recording our journey in life for my children to savour down the future. This is pretty different from my private diary where I pour out my inmost struggles and desperate prayers or grateful thanksgiving for milestones developed in our character training. This is a platform where I share the excerpts of our lives and strangely the more I share, the more clarity I have in our purposes and of God’s plans and timing.

Why do I spend so much effort engaging them? Basically, it’s an extension of who I am. Not because I’ve great philosophies or awesome values.  Just simply because, both my husband and I believe young kids need to be engaged.

That’s why my hubby agreed for me to stay home to teach and be with them. I love to spend time with my children and love to plan lessons, create art and stuffs! It is my way of loving them. I don’t like to play with them games(card/hide and seek etc) like my hubby does, I dislike maths and can’t do Sudoku for nuts, (which explains why my kids can’t really do addition fast) my general knowledge is poor (since I don’t have the habit of reading news and am not interested in politics and yes, maybe I just don’t care enough about the world News you may scoff, I however do care about people), So I may not be able to carry on a conversation about world affairs due to my years of ignorance. All these, I am Not proud of. Just confessions of my weaknesses and strengths.

Nontheless, I recognise that I Can learn. Seriously, eversince I became a mother, I became more knowledgeable about the world and have improved in my own Mother Tongue Language. However, me being me, I do what I love doing most- to infect my children with the passion of my soul. The songs in my heart and the love of Christ from His Spirit. I am imperfect. And I am perfectly fine with that eversince Christ became the Lord and Saviour of my life when I was 12.

So my home is filled with activities that the Lord has ordained for me when I do my best to live a life in Him. Many activities especially the daily disciplines of reading the Bible spring from our belief in the Living Word of God. We strive our best to make God’s word part of our lifestyle but we can never claim we’re spiritually there. There will be days or weeks when we miss our Bible reading, or just plain Bible reading but with lack of heart worship. Nonetheless moving forward by God’s grace.

If my blog has stumbled some or caused unrealistic expectations of what a mummy might or ‘should’ do. Please remember, this is just another mum. You are unique with strengths and abilities. Be true to who you are. I like what Ing shares on getting rid of mummy guilt over here. Let’s just be the best that we can be!

I am artsy, messy, sometimes crazy, nosy, pretty dazy (i.e. blur)

I may be curt-sy, clumsy, strict and many a times act harshly

so boy am I glad to have a doting hubby!

I am deeply blessed to have my (kids) One, Two, Three.


At the end of the day,

I rejoice at the Saving Grace of our Majesty.

And therefore, I will be content to do what I am doing. Grateful to have the breath of life to do so. : )

Thanks for dropping by Growing HeArts listening to one of those odd beats of my heart.

: ) Have a great day!

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