To my Funny Hubby. (Hearty Bits 1)

Hearty Bits will be a series of posts dedicated to thank people. It will be random heartfelt posts to express my sentiments from time to time.

Dear Hubby,

As I witnessed how you spent time sharing and praying with the Basketball Youths in our dining room a few days ago, I was glad that I made the decision to engage a helper 4 and a half years ago. I recalled how after having our second child, we had many arguments and struggles due to the stress of caring for our boys. Nontheless, I thank God for our faith in Christ Jesus that binds us together for better or worse in the valleys of marriage and life.

In the course of caring for our kids, I had forgotten the values that we had held close to our hearts during our ‘Pak Tor’ days (courtship)- To commit ourselves to serving God’s people and in particular, minister to the Youths. That was 10years ago. It was for the same reason that I finally made the decision to move over to your church as you were not only serving actively in church, you lived and breathed there. You were raised there. You belonged there. Now, after 9 years, We belong here. To say it wasn’t easy for me to integrate into your Chinese Congregation, would be an understatement. But you were patient with my ways and faithfully plodded through the nooks and cranny of my adjustment period. ‘Your’ church became my church too and ‘your’ ways became our ways. We were slowly but surely learning how to become One while at the same time respecting and accepting our differences.

We decided earlier on before marriage to live on a single income so that when we do have children, I can stay home to care for them. It would mean a single income lifestyle. With that, you paid for the household and I saved most of my income. Am so glad we did that! It helped paved our way to a smoother financial transition with the births of our children. Our savings may have been depleted and refilled, depleted and now back to the refilling process, but our love banks were made full with the bubbling brooks of laughter and precious relationships nurtured in our simple nest. Thank You for keeping the promises and living out the values we believe in for the last 6 years since A popped into our lives! Despite the burden of an increased expenditure to engage a domestic helper, you cheerfully provided and helped me to look beyond ourselves. Now I see how my role when I take care of the family well (in my case together with a helper), I am also serving God alongside with you. Well, I know this already (no matter what we are doing, we are serving God), just that it’s also from another added perspective which you shared moons ago. When the family is well taken care of, you are free to work with peace of mind and serve in church as well.

Sure, you have weaknesses and so do I. That’s why we need so much of His healing grace to help us through the sharpening process of each other. I recall your ‘joke’ one day when you saw me sitting on the floor sobbing over the kids’ behaviours. ‘Heng ah, this time round I am not the one making you cry!’ In between the sobs, I managed a hiccup of laughter…You really crack me up and make me go ARRRGHHHH! at the same time! But I know at the end of the day, it’s your ability to speak the truth that helped me see things in proper perspective (to eat the humble pie) from time to time. And I know in the process you are also learning the art of speaking to me the truth in love and in gentleness. It is very difficult to balance speaking the truth in love to me, but you’re getting better along the years. : ) I am growing too! : P

In the recent years (was it 2 or 3 years ago?), you initiated date nights on a weekly basis. That was my dream finally fulfilled as eversince our firstborn I had been hoping for such initiative! You do know how much it has transformed our relationship right? : ) It wasn’t fanciful most of the time. Just dinner at nearby coffeshops or a drive nearby. And sometimes we used the opportunity to even do grocery for the household for lack of time. Still, this worked for us. I got out of my emotional rut (from the constant caring of kids) faster and these consistent outings filled my love tank for the week.

Photos below are a classic example of how our date nights come in so naturally and I’m able to celebrate with you this special occasion in advance without the kids. You didn’t want any fancy restaurants after I offered a few choices. So, here’s a simple but tasty and Crabby Kopitiam Zi Char (coffeeshop) celebration to the love of my life!

As your birthday approaches this weekend, this post is dedicated to you!



From Me.



I constantly thank God for blessing you into my life!

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Have a blessed day!


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