THuD! Keplunk! Wha!Very High!

J has been bugging me to help him make a catapult for play since moons ago. Somehow, we didn’t get down to it due to both of our forgetfulness. ; p Until recently, he remembered and started pleading with me again. I was really too tired to do research online. Imagine my delight to find this Easy DIY Catapult  done by a local mum (Don’t put all your diaper bags into One diaper blog) on the next day of his request! It was such a great timing from the Lord. We followed the instructions from her blog and the boys went to search for suitable projectiles. The below were their find. This plastic ice worked pretty well and hit the ceiling. That was when I shooed them outdoors.



In the midst of this, they got distracted. A catapulted an ant, and played Hit and Miss with the Plastic Ice pieces. Which reminded me of our old school Marble play of using one marble to hit another or a group of marbles. E also deviated to just play with her colourful pom poms.


J was not contented to settle for the ready projectiles. He wanted to make his own paper bullet. His first attempts were unsuccessful as he crushed a paper and it was too huge and light to stay on the spoon. After some growing frustration, I stepped in to offer a few thinking questions and suggestions on how to improve before his mood got out of hand. I wanted to give him some time to learn his mistakes but not to the extent of exasperation which would lead to unnecessary tantrums. He then happily played with his improved handmade pellets.


IMG_9595 All ready for a blast!


J experimenting with more Pom poms.


The catapult also turned into airplanes the next day. Thanks to Diaperbag mummy’s sharing! We had a meaningful time of DIY play and satisfied a child’s thirst and pursuit of his own play. : )


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