We are 5 of the 3000 to fire in the Dragon! : )

Today we had the privilege to visit SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) with the kids’ Godmother Florence, who is also my spiritual mentor. She is part of the Family Host Programme for a few students in SUTD. This explains how we got to know of this great opportunity to make clay firsthand and be a part of the 3000 Pottery to be fired in the Dragon Kiln in Singapore. To know more about the Dragon Kiln, do check out the history and information on how this SUTD activity is One of the many avenues to be involved in preserving and maintaining this last two Dragon Kilns in Singapore.

‘Awaken the Dragon is a community art project surrounding the last two remaining Dragon Kilns in Singapore. The project aims to invite 3000 members of the public to be participate in making a collective sculpture made from clay and fired in the Dragon Kiln.’  Michelle Lim and Post Museum

Click HERE for more information.

This photo is taken in the Lecture Room of SUTD. The boys were really ‘SuaKu’ (ignorant) of what a LT is about. They scrambled to get their special seats with a swanky desk that could slide in front of them…. They also managed to talk very loudly and got the attention of those present in the room. I was quite embarrassed as I didn’t prep them for a lecture, so I gave them a soft lecture on how they should behave. Thankfully, the talk was really short and sweet! We survived the talk and headed to their canteen for the hands on activity. : )


Here we go! We were told to pat the clay into a ball and insert our thumb into the centre to pinch our way into a cup.


This is not a workshop so there wasn’t any demonstration, just DIY time for you to make an art work yourself. So don’t be deceived by the photos, it’s really not as easy to form a bowl/cup with that big lump of clay. The boys had to try a few times where I helped dab some water and clumped and kneaded the clay into a ball again. They then proceeded to redo their works. I had suggested making a few small manageable cups to the boys instead. J took to my advice and did his cutsie lil cups with some help from Godma Flor.



A insisted on making a big one and finally did something that was satisfactory according to his own standard. I was glad they finally got the hang of creating something they liked! Needless to say, I was thrilled to lay hands on this baby which would be fired and exhibited! I just played along and finally came up with the wavy bowl design. I loved the feel of that smooth and thick clay.

1-IMG_9753  A’s creation.

I liked the extra pieces of long ‘rope-like’ clay that surrounds the cup. An Important note to those unfamiliar with clay: Any attempt to ‘stick’ or join a piece of clay to another would require scoring and water to bind them together. Otherwise, the pieces will not hold together upon firing in the kiln. Do check Come Clay with Me to know more about scoring method. The student helpers should be able to help you, just that they might not be available all the time.

1-IMG_9758 J’s Creation

Godma Flor had a brilliant idea of gathering all the tiny pieces of bowls to be joined on top of a ‘plate’ to ‘contain’ his works. The reason being, each person only gets to have ONE piece of work to be fired in the kiln.

1-IMG_9762  Godma’s nimble masterpiece!


From top left: Godma Flor’s cup. Centre and top right: Mine. Bottom left: J’s creation. Bottom Right: A’s creation.

1-2014-10-243  Godma’s Shoe request of me.

The idea is to have a string to ‘tie’ the boots AFTER firing.


Signs that we worked really hard for this Clay session-

Empty and grainless plates with grinning faces! : )

This is the great opportunity for those keen on what we’ve experienced!

Just click on Registration for the Awaken The Dragon Kiln Workshop at SUTD (Canteen, 20 Dover Drive) They are left with only ONE Slot below. Do hurry!

3.30pm-5.30pm on Monday 27th Oct.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a giveaway or advertisement. I have participated and would like to spread this excitement and opportunity to others so that we all can be part of this rare event. : )

I really thank God and Florence for this rare honour to create memory pieces in our Singapore Dragon Kiln and be part of the 3000 in this meaningful project that is close to my HeArt. : )


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